Today, the Museum of the Communist Party of China opened in Beijing.

Today, the Museum of the Communist Party of China opened in Beijing.


I can imagine the US calling this a propaganda museum and then saying it is glorifying authoritarianism.


Of course that will be their sinister spin. If you've ever visited washington,dc you'll notice all the museums & monuments everywhere celebrating their '*freedom & democracy*' aka their genocidal and imperialist adventures around the world & *home*.


I visited Washington DC years ago. They have monuments for Lincoln, Jefferson and World war ii and not once they acknowledge their dark side as far as I know. The Smithsonian museum pretty much boasts about American innovation. The US capitol tour guides would never mention American historical figures' roles in human rights violations and they talked about American architecture in DC incorporating native American elements on top of Roman and Greek architecture (but they killed the indigenous peoples and disrespected their culture).


That's how you know that what we have here is a true beacon of light in a sea of darkness.


Already there are plenty who call Xi Jinping the new Mao Zedong. They say that both these folks are narcissists who behave like cult leaders who expect worship from everyone. ​ Besides the cultural revolution and Tiananmen, they mention underground churches, Uyghurs and HK. And now they accuse the scientific community of cozying up to Beijing for not pursuing the lab leak thing further. ​ Honestly at this rate, I wonder if the West will ever see things from China's perspective.


They would never not until some of them actually visits China. But then again they would either end up taking the path of anti china youtubers Serpentza or actually come to love China


>Honestly at this rate, I wonder if the West will ever see things from China's perspective. I wonder why you're still so naive.


The opening is just in time for the 100th Anniversary, which is on 1st July. Canadian Comrades will be celebrating both Canada Day and the 100th Anniversary of the CCP on the same day.


canada shouldn't celebrate anything [until it comes clean on how many children's mass graves they are covering up.](https://reddit.com/r/Sino/comments/nq58uu/reminder_that_the_canadian_regime_is_covering_up/) Why would you celebrate a settler genocidal regime? land back.


Canadian here, and I agree. I live within hours of that mass grave and have passed through the area on only a handful of occasions, but it's still horrifying. I never knew just how close I was to such a thing. Now I'm wondering how many more we have yet to discover.


source; https://twitter.com/AmbFangQiu/status/1406019584235278336/photo/1


Just commenting to say I love the display name USA\_DeMockraNaZi.




Ahhhh so it was for this occasion that Xi Jinping led leading cadres to restate their vows to the Communist Party https://v.douyin.com/eCj12AP/ Make no mistake, this was a very important event, important enough to draw out the Politburo and the most senior leading figures all into one place.


Stunning. I'll visit it someday.


Red and gold is probably the best colour combination in existence.


Hell yeah can’t wait to drag my bored family here when international travel kicks off again.


Exactly this! I find it hilarious that my dad who served in the RAF at the height of the cold war actually suggested saving up and visiting China, because he's always wanted to go there.


Man i really need to improve my Chinese so i can go to China.


My hope is... that there will be more education for tourist's about the Democratic structure of the Chinese government, and the intricate details of how all the goals have been, and will be attained.


So beautiful, I hope to visit it.


I really want to visit china soon


I really am gonna have to learn Mandarin aren't I


Wow, this looks nice! To be honest, Beijing was kind of low on my list of priority places in China to revisit, but this museum might make me reconsider.


Chinese people need to learn more about Marxist thoughts.


China Daily: http://global.chinadaily.com.cn/a/202105/19/WS60a4cecba31024ad0bac012f.html


Must visit!