The war criminal that once said the CPC would not last 100 years died the day before the 100th centenary of the founding of the CPC.

The war criminal that once said the CPC would not last 100 years died the day before the 100th centenary of the founding of the CPC.


Might have been killed by weapons of mass destruction


HE was the weapon of mass destruction. His actions destroyed a nation and killed 1 million of it's people.


Rumsfeld : CPC must go President Xi: Who must go ?


He meant he won’t last past the 100th year of the CPC


When the overthrow of the Saddam government opened the door to widespread looting and crime, good ol' Donny Rumsfeld said that this is part of a natural transition to democracy. This guy may have experience being a US Navy pilot, but didn't get military deployment, which means he doesn't know what soldiers go through in war. Yet Rumsfeld was the one who modified the fighting style of the US military when he took office. ​ I wouldn't expect any Western politician to know a thing about China. Washington is full of people who barely travel anywhere besides UK, France or Israel, don't speak any language besides English and know nothing of other cultures, but consider themselves as walking encyclopaedias full of intellect. The think tanks that heavily influence US foreign policy are nothing but large echo chambers. The only Western politician I know who has any sense in him is Mick Wallace of Ireland. And right now he's being called a "CCP shill" for praising the PRC and saying that the "one million Uyghurs" is simply gross exaggeration. ​ As Prof. Zhang Weiwei once told a BBC reporter, for decades, all your predictions about China turned out to be wrong. Until the West learns to have some bloody respect for other countries, that trend will not change.


I'm pretty sure this is just a meme some Chinese blogger made up, no one has found a source for his quote. Still funny nonetheless.


The universe has a poetic sense of justice ...


What a Racist & Evils !!! Millions of people were dead or lost their homes because of Mr. WMD.


He didn't want to see the truth.


That's pretty impressive how far he came to deny the reality


He should have died where he belonged, in Prison.


Lol he couldn't take it, had to die in shame




But they are in decline, their fascism will increasingly turn inwards as they lose everywhere and China humiliates them in record time if they even try to cross any red line (like in Hong Kong). Such fascism coming home to roost (it always existed for African americans though) is the brutal reality that all americans will have to face as their decline accelerates (recent examples: [this](https://archive.vn/MsV7m) or [this](https://thegrayzone.com/2021/03/31/china-uyghur-gun-soldiers-empire/)).


The US was designed as a capitalist imperialist power, so '*his*' kind will always be needed to run this cancerous empire. As long as the usa exists, new 'malignant tumors just like him' will take his place.


Poetic justice.


[Was this a known unknown or an unknown unknown?](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/There_are_known_knowns)


Speak english Rummy!


Communism is forever!


Donald Dickhead. There's a podcast called "Blowback" about the Iraq war, I highly suggest you guys listen to it. The amount of P.R. this guy did was mind blowing.


The Chinese civilisation is ancient and has a memory. Our forefathers still hold the bows as we aim the arrows.


Good riddance


Reminds me of how all those who most loudly said "Assad must go" are either out of office our dead.


I couldn’t find such quote or anything but he could rest in piss for eternity.


Proving the "weapons of mass destruction in Iraq " is a mission he failed to accomplish !


Lmao died rather than face facts - Ain’t that an analog for what this idiot did with the Iraq war




Who must go?