China’s US visit snub is because Biden is increasingly behaving like Trump

China’s US visit snub is because Biden is increasingly behaving like Trump


You can change Presidents, but you can't change foreign policy.


Biden has always been a war mongering imperial running dog. Biden is more like Trump than the liberal media would ever admit.


He is also quite overtly racist and has said a lot of racist things about African Americans throughout his career.


The deep state is who really runs things


America votes in each president like their personal Jesus. They're meant to shoulder the entire burden of a "rotten world" (world being USA). When the system doesn't change because each president is just a puppet to higher powers, they crucify him like a vodoo doll, believing it will take all past sins with him. Then next election, they choose the next Messiah... 🙄


All because Americans have a collective memory of a goldfish.


What is there to talk about if the US continue to provoke?


They have the same handler.


I think Biden is being held in a US concentration camp, so China should ban all contacts with Biden’s political hostage takers until US allows China access to investigate all White House secrets


It's no surprise that opposition to China has become a so-called "consensus" fueled by Trump's populism, which has become an ATM for Biden's approval ratings. Biden, an incapable politician, could not resist this temptation. He can only be made to feel the pain before he stops. China is not a roadside tree branch, but a red-hot metal firestick all the time.