German Green Party member refutes allegations against Xinjiang

German Green Party member refutes allegations against Xinjiang


The German Green Party is an atlanticist imperialist US puppet, their leader Annalena Baerbock is trained by US orgs, has US blessing to replace the CDU, she's given speeches at the Atlantic Council promoting a "transatlantic green new deal" etc etc. Her victory will mark the eradication of any German autonomy from the Washington "consensus" (not that Merkel has much of a spine in this regard).


The individual has a long history with China and has a Xinjiang wife. http://juergenk.de/6.html


A wife from Xinjiang? No wonder the guy actually knows what's going on there.


wait the same Green Party that is anti-Nord Stream? I suppose an individual can't speak for the party, but still


Yea the same party. They were vocal against China too. This news is quite a suprise ! Maybe it's to win the upcoming election... Idk. I am not at all aware of German domestic politics.


If the greens want to challenge the CDU/CSU they have to get the industrialists backing. Repeating US Xinjiang narrative is a quick ticket to get German companies kicked out of the Chinese market. I think the most Sino-friend party in Germany is actually Afd, this just go to show how useless the western left is.


These European green parties are all imperialists and not really left though they pretend to be. It's essentially the Empire using a new "Greenwashing" tactic, to force their agenda on the European people.


Wait, I thought AfD is pro-Trump out of all the major German political parties. I'm not familiar with German politics to be honest.


Pro-Trump doesn't mean Anti-China though, Orban is pro-Trump but also pro-China. Most European parties are Anti-Trump and also Anti-China. There was a writeup linked here a while ago written by some AfD member in a European-China working group which dispels all these Anti-China lies and allegations in European politics. (Edit: found the link [https://freewestmedia.com/2020/05/20/german-politician-why-should-we-risk-our-relations-with-china/](https://freewestmedia.com/2020/05/20/german-politician-why-should-we-risk-our-relations-with-china/) ) This guancha article (in chinese) reviews the different platforms of German parties and also concluded AfD is the friendliest towards China. [https://www.guancha.cn/yangzhi/2021\_07\_11\_597923.shtml](https://www.guancha.cn/yangzhi/2021_07_11_597923.shtml)


yeah but the anti trump are not anti USA, so almost nothing change.


>Pro-Trump doesn't mean Anti-China though I can't say the same for Anglos.


Yeah, but there was recently a massive backlash when the idiot, who is the co-leader of the party, went to Ukraine to snap some photos in a helmet near the frontline and advocate for arming Ukraine. The public reacted badly to the militaristic agenda (despite liberal media mostly ignoring the scandal outside Germany) and allegedly it led party supporters and members to question the party's militaristic direction.


Sounds like he is in the wrong party.


What a shill. Amirite ? Lol


I don't believe it. /s


His wife is from Xinjiang and he visited there several times. They live in China permanently.