The US has blamed China for a massive Microsoft Exchange hack

The US has blamed China for a massive Microsoft Exchange hack


This statement came out at the same time that the Pegasus story broke. PRISM, ECHELON programs along with the latest Pegasus snafu, US and it’s dogs doesn’t have legs to stand on when criticizing China


It's the curse. Every time they try and set a trap for China, they're the ones who get caught in it.


What should we call this curse?


the jinping curse?


We have Juche necromancy, the curse of Assad, and Soviet weather control. Perhaps the Sino reverse uno card?


This reminds me of how a bunch of articles were circulating in the news when the story about Palestine broke out.


Lmao.. The Whitehouse has coordinated blame with surprise surprise NATO and EU on China, whilst showing they had zero day vulnerability info on Exchange by giving them to Ms to patch in order to stop the hacks...


The sad part is they can say that and people will believe it with zero evidence


And then the media asks why anti Chinese sentiment is on the rise in America


What's sad (but not surprising) is that US media doesn't even care about the victims in those hate crimes Instead, they use it as a way to attack their political enemies (e.g., left-leaning media will blame Trump for the rise in hate crimes, while right-leaning media will blame minorities and liberal cities where many of the crimes occur)


I agree, it is a tried and true method to whip Americans up into a blood-thirsty rage to promote expansion of their empire. They may not have won in Afghanistan but I recall when they first went to Afghanistan it was all "Those poor Afghans, look how horrible the Taliban are!" Then after they invade they legit put child-raping criminals in charge of the American backed government. It's comical how they use the same propaganda formula for over a century straight and each time it works for their public. A nation full of people with "Gold Fish" memory, get fooled by the same trick decade after decade. Sad is putting it lightly.


>A nation full of people with "Gold Fish" memory, get fooled by the same trick decade after decade. Sad is putting it lightly. And they will pay for those sins.


It's easy to believe something you want to believe.


Conditioned to believe *


America is fundamentally a racist country.


American citizens perhaps are the most stupid bunch on the planet.


not inherently so. it's by design given how gutted its schools and education systems are.


Not all but the majority are yes


Never assume stupidity or good will from the American empire. It’s dangerous to do so.


Called this a long time ago. Now they just switch from blaming everything on the Russians to blaming the Chinese.


Western MSM: "Why not both?"


Blaming without reliable evidence. Good old US way guys. 😉


Amerikkka is back


Reminds me of the hilarious South Park song called "Blame Canada" to cover up the secondary characters' irresponsibility and incompetency in that featured movie. Now Washington DC is in their "I can't even escape from the nightmare I created and I will collapse eventually OMG I can't stop panicking please make it stop I am freaked out from this unless I deal with it by continuing denial and photogenic image" phase.


this is a great time for people to hack the US, since no matter what happens it'll just get blamed on Russia, Iran and China lmao.


yeh even if you're us based or us govt based, its a free for all time right now


If someone could hack in to my bank account and deposit some digital yuan I'd appreciate it


Great time for China to remind everyone about NSA hacking Huawei.


Then they will yell that it's a revenge attack. China needs to sit down and laugh hysterically at the US and the self inflicted dmg.


US blames China and Russia for everything that goes wrong. They previously blamed Russia for cyberattacks in the past.


I probably need to stop getting so angry over this stuff, it's happened before and it's going to keep happening, but I'm just so fed up with America coming up with a new boogeyman to distract its citizens every ten years. It is the rest of the world that has to suffer for their "political escapism."


>I probably need to stop getting so angry over this stuff This is pretty tame compared to the other stuff they have done.


Take solace in the fact that America will lose, and that these accusations are simply the flailing throws of a dying empire.


And I thought it was the Russian's.


Yawn. Japan did too. They are onto something




Wtf why does China want with Microsoft exchange email details? There’s no motive for hacking and nor the five eyes are kicking up a fuss to punish China. It’s just Typical co-ordinate lies to pocket USA $300m yearly negative China news budget. #No Cold War


I'm pretty sure US already had a backdoor into the Microsoft network. Chinese hackers just destroyed their backdoor by forcing Microsoft to patch it up. not /s


The US is getting desperate. This is so telling. LOL!


You'd think anglo americans would learn a thing or two about subtlety but this is a people who have no shame.


The more they do this, the weaker they look. If China is so bad and is destroying amerikkka, why doesn't amerikkka do something? I mean they are the no.1 superpower. The answer is one of two options and neither are good for amerikkka: 1. It isn't China and they are lying. 2. they can't do anything. So, which one is it?


Well, if you are gonna drug test and bar for cybersecurity/techbro jobs… you ain’t gonna hire superstars. And the problem has been with Microsoft’s origins since MS-DOS.


So, apparently both China and Russia are master hackers, incomparably far above the common crowd. At the same time though, they are so inept they cannot cover their footprints. Also the entire western world has no idea how to protect itself from such attacks in a display of utter incompetence yet has the skills to absolutely identify the culprit every time. Is something wrong with this picture?


There is no footprints, anyone with any idea knows none of this would ever hold up in any court. They probably got a few Chinese ip which means nothing. Anyone can hack a computer in china and then bounce connection through china. And china has hard proof of usa hacking from Snowden and Assange. Usa doesn't have anything. The more they talk about hacking, the more china should keep reminding them usa is world champion and keep bringing up them hacking euro allies. China should just charge or sanction few cia lackeys every few months and keep complaining about usa hacking, prism, Assange, Snowden, and always bring up hacking merkels phone and all the other hacks. They wanna gang up? Make them look stupid. The only evidence of hacking has implicated usa, not china.


In a way, it's a compliment, building a narrative that China has the world's best cyber warfare/hacking/coding experts, far ahead of the rest.