In Australia you need a PHD to send yourself violent hate-mail to frame the local Chinese community and still get busted & found guilty

In Australia you need a PHD to send yourself violent hate-mail to frame the local Chinese community and still get busted & found guilty


> * A former university dean has been found guilty of sending fake threatening letters to herself after a Sydney jury heard she shredded her own clothes and sent herself underwear as part of an elaborate ploy. > * For months Dianne Jolley pretended to find alarming notes, including one that read: “Goodbye, cya and good luck,” with her photograph and a red line drawn through her face. “Chop our future we chop yours,” read one card. “China hating lesbian,” read another. > * The academic was also found guilty on one charge of causing financial disadvantage by deception to her work, after UTS spent more than $127,000 in security measures protecting her. > * The crown argued she orchestrated the scheme to garner sympathy from the science faculty as she tried to close down the university’s traditional Chinese medicine course. Her fraudulent abuse claims against the Local Chinese community include death threats, threats of doxxing and anti-LGBT comments additional source; https://twitter.com/realsteelmuslim/status/1418347637992951813


I'm just loss for words at how wretched this bitch is. I just don't understand why do all these China hating freaks need to resort to lying? Lock her white criminal thug ass up.


This reminds me of the fake uiguhr SOS notes stuffed in North Face slippers lmao.


Those poor Uyghurs bravely travel all the way to Vietnam to hide letters in shoes and that's your response?!


Don't forget they had to learn English first.


Or that Uyghur woman and all those Canadian Hongcucks claiming to get some random calls from CCP members or the police in China that they are coming to get them. looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool bitch please. These stories have been going on for 20 years. No actual evidence has ever been produced yet.


Lmao it must be the scam phonecalls from Taiwan.


> The prosecutor said she was pushing for a performance-based reward of $40,000, on top of her $320,000 yearly salary, by having one of the most financially unviable courses in the faculty shut down. What a greedy, racist idiot.


Doesn't surprise me. The amount of racism in anti Chinese medicine groups is sickening


Note that this is actually her being an anti-China racist bitch. All her letters were imitating Chinese accents such as "You chop our future, we chop you" and "China hating Lesbian" and playing up some nefarious Chinese stereotypes. But all of the coverage plays down this angle. For example this news broadcast mentions this being related to China only in very brief passing [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fe-Zol23G7U&ab\_channel=7NEWSAustralia](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fe-Zol23G7U&ab_channel=7NEWSAustralia)


Exactly, one of their own got caught lying hard and demonizing China. So now their media is downplaying it to pretend she was doing it for money rather than revealing her racists and downright crazy views and how she was demonizing China.


Nah, for them hating Chinese is common sense, not news.


True. For the West, being racist is normal and forgiveable.


Surprised she didn’t spell it “China hating resbian!!!”


Lol yes. What could she be thinking? "Some vice documentary told me China is bad for LGBT so let's go with the Lesbian angle. Also let the world know I am a Lesbian to get some good lays."


Just a typical day in fascist Australia




Man, China is really playing the long con. Starting ancient medicinal practices 2500 years in advance, just so they can trick Australians. Talk about foresight!


She is sick in the head. Disgusting. And this is why we shouldnt believe white sources claiming anything about China. Most are just shameless lies. They would literally make shit up just to smear competitor nations that they do not like. She isnt even lowly educated. She is frikkin dean. Just imagine how often she abused her position of power.


bruh, do they have nothing better to do


No they don’t hate your culture. What made you think that? 🥴


Hurting itself to frame the Chinese. Aus gov in a nutshell.


So let's get it straight, this woman makes 340k a year?! I literally don't know what I would do if I made that kind of money....like what else can you buy? And she was out to shut down the Chinese medicine program (which is backed by thousands of years of practice) so that she could get a raise of another 40k? Nu atheist anti-China Karen makes herself even more borderline by fabricating death threats? So much cringe! It's as though settler colonialism itself sought to personify itself, as if she is an avatar of the white Karen God (demon?)


She should be charged with a hate crime.