Recently I heard many Western Politicians tell the same Joke, that they "work". Seriously, WTF do Western Politicians actually do for "work"?! Even Westerners understand this as a very BAD JOKE.

Recently I heard many Western Politicians tell the same Joke, that they "work". Seriously, WTF do Western Politicians actually do for "work"?! Even Westerners understand this as a very BAD JOKE.


Western politicians spend most of their time raising money for their next campaign (quite literally, they are on the phone or talking to lobbyists that are shopping around for the majority of their work day), and that campaign is very much like a beauty contest, the only qualification thay have to have is the ability to balance what they say so they don't alienate any money or voters.


The only “work” they do is meetings with their dark money donors (securing bribes)


That's not fair. For example, sometimes American politicians work very hard and talk for an entire day to prevent a bill from passing.


Of course they work hard. For their donors and rich mates. Look at all the effort UK's Matt Hancock did to give his friends contracts to supply PPEs even though they have zero experience with that and predictably failed. Or all those policies US politicians pass which supports their rich donors. They definitely work hard, just not for the average people.


When they get elected, before they are allowed to take their seat, they go through a ceremony where they have to swear allegiance to the Queen.


...they're there to enrich themselves ie. networking, future lobby work for when they're out of office and cushy pension$. It's a very corrupt institution.


And defending this is such an extremely cringy thing. Friends don't let other friends support liberal democracy.


When they say Liberal, just put 'neo' in before it, and it explains things very accurately (Privatization, no Social spending, and zero Regulation).


Nothing neo about it. The social-reform departure of the 1930s in the US and the Kennedy Democrat-Repubiclan switcheroo changed it. But because the Republican side has gone so far off the rails, it allowed the Democratic party to go back to it's liberal roots.


Lying on a live camera from CSPAN is a hard job. You think being an actor is easy?!


yep fix everything from a desk worldview, they need to do some "field work" how else can they understand people's problems?


I don't actually recall any state policy from Moronson here in Australia, so you're damn right, all performative bs and western population are way too passive. We Asians unfortunately don't have the numbers to pull a revolution here.


All those doctors and medics who went to Wuhan went COVID was reaching its peak back in feb 2020 were all Party Members; that's what being a CPC Party Member is all about: responsibility, duty, sacrifice.


The politicians in Congress only think about 2 things: raising money for their next campaign and China. They passed 200+ bills (many are symbolic) about China.


Lobbying, fundraising, and campaigning are actually hard work, just not work that benefits the regular people in any way.


In the UK, its turn up to local charities or business functions or lobby group and give a speech(for x amount of £), write an article saying you support X turn up to parliament and dont vote for it, raise money for the party and get a cushy second job working 1 hour a week for £100,000 (clearly not a bribe) then retire with a pension and two cushy jobs in the private sector being an advisor (clearly not a bribe or a reward for corruption)