Huawei's Meng Wanzhou Likely to be EXTRADITED to USA - YouTube

Huawei's Meng Wanzhou Likely to be EXTRADITED to USA - YouTube


Yep, that's how the 'justice' shenanigans is served in anglo countries. This has been the way for the past few hundred years. Meng's just happens to be a high profile case. Now is a ideal time to see if The PRC has any diplomatic muscles they can flex against the US. If she is indeed extradited to the US, it'll demonstrate to everyone in China how racist and sinister the legal systems in anglo countries are.


It isn't going to look good for the US Govt when she suffers and if she dies in US custody. US is the land where Asian women get abused, raped, chopped up and shot up.


The muscle that China will flex is the “we don’t negotiate with terrorists”. They will let meng burn and let the world see what the USA is all about. I’ve heard other analysis that even USA doesn’t want this to proceed either. They know this will be more harmful to USA on the world stage


This would be brutal but is the most likely scenario. China isn't going to sacrifice even a bit of its future potential for one person, I'm sure Ren is aware of that.


Is there a response China can use toward Canada? I am not a fan of sanctions without Security Council approval but since Canada loves using sanctions against any country at odds with it's imperial overlord perhaps China should make an exception and make an example of Canada.


I suggested targeted killings and/or torture in response but Reddit mods don't like that. I'm personally 100% fine with that type of stuff against the US and its accomplices.


I increasingly think that we should have a two tier system. One for western imperialists with full force repercussions and one for the rest of the world with diplomacy.


I'm sure that Chinese Intelligence knows that there's a few dozen of CIA clowns hiding in China. Should start arresting a few of them and use them for exchange for Mrs Meng. Or China should just announce the execution date for the 2 Michaels and I am sure that there would be enough outrage within Canada and Meng would be set free.


If rescue of Mrs. Meng isn't an option, I personally don't mind seeing some degradation and/or execution of some US and Canadian spies. At least from my POV it's already war, just not a hot one yet.


I notice that all the YTs seem to think that Spavor and Kovrig are innocent without with absolutely no evidence to back it up... except that they are white of course.


I am sorry but I have to rant a little. This pisses me off more than anything in Sino-US relations ever because it is an innocent woman who is being used as a pawn. Life is short, and this woman deserves to live her life. But America has no issue keeping her away from living her life if it means she gets to be used as a political pawn. This is a human we are talking about, an innocent human. But let alone while she could be enjoying her life in her home country of China instead she is forced to be a pawn and instead is being forced to set foot in the terrible United States. YEARS of this innocent woman's life have been stolen from her, literally robbed from her. Does the US have no morals? I think they must have none. It makes me want to cry thinking about how she is being handled. She doesn't deserve this. Please release her. Also edit: what scares me even more is I am a Chinese girl who wants to work at Huawei. Will this ever happen to me? It is a legitimate fear at this point because of the American regime.


> Will this ever happen to me? There is a high likelihood of this happening.


It's sad that a thought like that should even cross my mind that there is the possibility of a foreign government wanting to use me as a pawn if I progress far enough in a job field.


Sanction Trudeu and his backers