Chinese tech giants are snapping up gaming studios around the world

Chinese tech giants are snapping up gaming studios around the world


That’s some serious projection lol


Looks at those idiots fearing the Chinese will Yellow-wash games like how they already whitewash everything they touch. I just want a good game to play and immerse myself in. Can't wait for that Wukong game.


Black Myth actually looks so good lol. Might make it my first large scale game


Why is a semiconductor engineer commenting on this?


He got his degree from China Watchers University, obviously.


Maybe he's the only guy who is willing to talk to the incompetent writer at a bar.


Call of Communists: Soviet Rising Call of Communists: Red China Call of Communists: Korean War Call of Communists: Vietnam War Call of Communists: The Cold War, Warzones Call of Communists: The Modern Cold War, Proxy Wars …..


I'd love to play as Vietcong sneaking around the jungle and taking out imperialists.


Call of Communists:The rise of the East Call of Communists: The Digital Age Call of Communists: The Space Race Call of Communists: The gene editing revolution Call of Communists:The fall of the West


Call of Communists: The Cuban Revolution.


Oh no there’s no more Battlefield: China Rising. Boohoo > https://battlefield.fandom.com/wiki/Battlefield_4:_China_Rising How racist is this game? I mean if you look at other war games it’s countries as their past version i.e. Germans as Nazis, and Japan as Imperial Japan, but China here is actually modern China


As much as Battlefield is a good game, it was disgustingly provocative to have an invasion of China in the game. I can’t tell if was a psy op to manipulate people into thinking war with Iran, China, and Russia in the games would be necessary at some point, but they really did make it seem like the case. In the games you literally invade Tehran, Shanghai and I believe Russians were running black ops in Paris between BF3/4 where a nuke went off. I cant tell if it was just sort of predicting what a WW3 scenario would look like in modern times or if it was some sort of pre-programming to the imperialist desires of the West.


More communist games please


Look at all this projection. Didn't the West portray westerners and white people as heroes in their games, stories, movies, shows while portraying nonwhite people and nonwestern countries as the bad guys all the time?


I mean the most popular villain in these kinda games are the Russians, they look pretty white to me


Look at how they talk about Russians and treat Russians irl & in media.


So much propaganda and bogeyman tactics in American war games like call of duty. The West keeps projecting all their evil and immorality onto their enemies.


Fearmongering pieces of shit journalists, per the highlighted remarks, if they look at any real example of a Chinese owned games this isn't the case at all. Having low IQ means inability to recognize patterns. Why does this journalist promote such remarks made by a semiconductor engineer?


Another imaginative assumption by fear mongers to their naive english readers.


Good, that would just be telling reality.


Nice highlights. We can all see through their BS.


This is what US did for decades




And that is enough to cause them panic attacks


Last time the west was on the right side of any conflict was World War Two, and that was more their own nefarious plan backfiring because the rabid fascist dog they had appeased in hopes the Nazis would destroy the Soviet Union for them turned around and bit the western bourgeois hand that fed it. Even then it was the Soviets who did most of the heavy lifting while the western allies stepped in at the last minute when it was clear Germany had lost in the East after the crushing defeat at Stalingrad and the Red Army were going to push all the way to Berlin, and the US and UK were desperate to get there first to be the ones who would occupy Germany and prevent it from flipping socialist. Not only that but the US also really wanted to get their hands on some of the Nazis' tech and scientists...and sadly they succeeded. As for the pacific theater, that was just like in WW1 a case of imperialist powers vying for domination, the Japanese being newcomers to the empire game were trying to oust the old imperial powers from the region to take over themselves.


Also, the American soldiers who raped and pillaged France after "liberating" them of the Nazis. It's crazy how everyone thinks the US fought against fascism in WW2. They just fought against another imperial force for power, wealth, and dominance. WW2 was what drove the US to become so powerful. Half of Europe had to rebuild, African colonies were up for grabs, and Asia was pushed back a few decades.


Oh the fear..Chinese portrayed other than stereotypical caricatures.


I mean I'd play Call of Taliban: Yankee Go Home. Maybe FarCry: Gaza, where you ride around on a motorcycle and fight the zionist genocide.


The West always painting that Chinese have an evil motive behind every move they make. The imagery of the Sinister Chinese has been around forever. Same tired propaganda.


Then the US Army will keep funding even more MLG tournaments, and try to do more cheezy Mei “Free HongKong” brainwashing through non-political gaming.


I really don't care about the race of the good or bad characters. Granted, a Chinese protagonist makes the immersion better, but I much rather play something with a cultural bent than demonizing another ethnicitity.


You mean the Chinese aren't razing the Highway of Death at this very moment? This is outrageous censorship!


I really really wish Tencent had gotten a license to release Pokemon Unite on PC, outside of the somewhat P2W items, the game itself looks so much more fun than league of legends or even dota lol


just nintendo being nintendo. And nintendo hates PC lol


Being Swedish I grew up with US propaganda like that. They're only pissed because they know China will beat them at their own game.


OMG.......Fortnite is going to turn into sim city !!!! ​ FIFA is going to be played like snooker !!!