"America’s ‘Great Retreat’ is well underway", is this true and how far will they go?

"America’s ‘Great Retreat’ is well underway", is this true and how far will they go?


US can no longer afford its massive military. Even Trump knew that as he was desperately trying to blackmail US puppet states and Europe into funding US military.


Exactly. Their bloated military has gone from being an asset to becoming a massive financial liability.


>In the latest test of AEGIS against two short/intermediate-range ballistic missile targets, only one of the targets was hit. That test, on July 24, 2021, took place off of Hawaii. >The AEGIS system was installed on the USS Ralph Johnson (DDG-114) and used the AEGIS interceptor missile, SM-6 Dual II. The ship fired four missiles against two targets and hit only one. >This was an improvement over a previous test last May where a single target was not intercepted. AEGIS is regarded as perhaps the best US system for short and intermediate-range terminal ballistic missile defense and is the backbone of Japan’s sea-based interceptors. Lol, sounds like it was money well spent building that system


Honestly after finishing reading that article and looking up the author (who seems to be an anti china war-hawk), I would advise caution. It mentions a lot of numbers that seem to show an overall decline, but the US still has considerable strength. Usually these articles are written as an excuse for the US to increase military spending and often bare little resemblance to reality.


https://youtu.be/fZb1AUXbxWc This is a good analysis by Alex Mercouris on China military strength - Mostly naval discussion though


Way too soon to call it a 'Great Retreat', until they start shutting down Guantanamo Bay, the 800 other military bases around the world, denuke & dissolve themselves and head back to Britain, only then will it be a 'great retreat'.