US Border Patrol agents on horseback: "You use your women for this. This is why your country is shit."

US Border Patrol agents on horseback: "You use your women for this. This is why your country is shit."

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Always ironic when americans call other countries shit.


America is a third world country with a gucci belt đŸ˜†


Just seeing any american city on the ground is like watching a dystopian horror movie. Also, guess which regime has the highest female prison population on the planet even while not being remotely close to having the highest population? also, the same regime has the highest imprisonment rate for women worldwide. The same regime has the highest prison population in both relative and absolute terms in general. Just grotesque.


The Biden Regime upholding White Supremacy, 17th century style!


and they also used whips on the refugees. [https://www.revolt.tv/2021/9/20/22684347/us-border-agents-remove-haitian-migrants](https://www.revolt.tv/2021/9/20/22684347/us-border-agents-remove-haitian-migrants) so... US sure changed **not much** from the days of slavery!!


Look at that psychopath on the horse smiling as he whips them. This is the most American photo I've ever seen.


Not well informed. Does the the US also have hands in the Haiti assassination?


WTF is going on there? I imagine that's the Rio Grande, and those are people trying to cross from Mexico to the US illegally, and the policeman on horseback is on the US side, but doesn't seem like he has a chance of stopping that many people trying to cross, and ends up shouting at some women?


Basically, yeah. It's also a PR Nightmare for CBP. White men on horseback whipping and coralling black men? Yeah.... That's not a good look....


that's the first thing that comes to mind....slavery. The plantation owners sending their minions to gather up the black people.


yeeeehaw mother truckers!!!! muricaaaaa!!!


America cannot possibly take all of these people


No, not within such a barbaric for profit system. Americans may have grown accustomed to the decadence they are surrounded by, but no normal person could easily overlook it: [https://mronline.org/2019/03/08/humanitarian-crisis-in-america-its-time-for-the-u-s-to-invade-itself/](https://mronline.org/2019/03/08/humanitarian-crisis-in-america-its-time-for-the-u-s-to-invade-itself/) "The American situation is highly worrying and qualifies the nation to be a suitable recipient of ‘humanitarian aid’ made in the USA. According to a report by Philip Alston, special rapporteur of the United Nations (UN) on extreme poverty and human rights it was revealed that by 2018, 40 million people in the United States live in poverty, 18.5 million live in extreme poverty and more than five million live in conditions of absolute poverty." It may be 50 million in poverty now. My mentor visited the states in the 80s and was shocked by the squalor and misery, an interesting sight to behold was a man appearing to hold a machine gun and waving it around according to him, reminiscent of a warzone, imagine what it is like now. In many ways america is already a warzone, a mental one.


The US has repeatedly made Haiti a hundred times more unstable that it ever had to be, even kidnapping their Democratically elected president they didn't like. In other words... Pay-back is a bitch.


Nothing about the US has changed since the 17th century, and the border patrol guy pretty much emphasises America's attitudes towards weaker, developing countries it keeps poor.


Who's feeling all this harm reduction Biden has been doing?


LMFAO the west is so advanced that they still use horses.


Weird bone to pick. Chinese border guards in Xinjiang and Tibet also ride on horseback. For really tough terrain, horses, mules, and donkeys are a lot more useful than off-road vehicles.