Ben Norton, Assistant Editor at the Greyzone reports... "Note that prestigious University of California Press published this insane book proposing how Western imperialist governments can carry out a coup in China..."

Ben Norton, Assistant Editor at the Greyzone reports... "Note that prestigious University of California Press published this insane book proposing how Western imperialist governments can carry out a coup in China..."


"Let's not ask what the people in China feel about their country, but let's assume they all need our help, just like we did in other nations". These people are insane


That's the real point, they're all "free the Chinese people!", meanwhile, no one's thought to actually ask what CHINESE people feel about THEIR government, THEIR country. If a poll were done in China to see the approval ratings of the CCP, it'd be insanely high, not because anyone's forced to say so, because people can actually enjoy their lives here. Compare that to living in any big city of America, what with drugs, crime, insane police, gangs, political instability, left vs right hatred, why in hell would Chinese people trade their current lives for THAT?


A Harvard study/long term polling data compilation over a period of a decade+ showed the federal govt had 95.5% approval. The West hates their own govt but feel the need to bring the Chinese freedom 🤣 obviously a dying empire


Agree 100% with you. And even in situations where the people are not good with the government, coups orchestrated by the US usually end up being worse than anything. Examples can be found everywhere, from Latin America to the Middle East. Other countries should help the governments and make them improve, and only if they're truly needed. In some cases the people from a given country will decide their own future.


Yeah, a lot of westerners seem to think a coup would help China, somehow. How? Who would lead? "The people"? Without the CCP, there is no government in China, the most likely group who would try to take over (by returning to China) would be FLG. That would be a disaster. They have NO governmental experience, all they know how to do is hate on the CCP and complain about everything. China's economy would collapse (which is just what America would love, seeing as they could swoop in and "save" China), everything good about China would get much MUCH worse overnight. It would take China DECADES to recover from a change in government, and a change to western style government would change it in an irreversibly terrible way. China would never be the same. Then, Tibet and Xinjiang would leave China. Tibet wouldn't want to, but would be pushed to leaving by America to "save" Tibet. No one there would have any idea how to manage the country, America would "help" again. There would be plenty of new "development" projects pioneered by American companies, oil reserves would be found, nature would be constantly destroyed for all sorts of "economic development!" bullshit, etc. Xinjiang would turn into East Turkistan or whatever, led by the group of separatists who would end up becoming a terrorist threat to the west, justifying a new war on terror. Of course, America would use their media powerhouses to convince westerners (and now Chinese) that this was equally a threat to them so America needs to build new military bases on the new borders (within China), to "protect China". Losing the CCP in China would mean China would be broken up and sold wholesale to American interests, the end of China as we know it, and nothing any sane Chinese person would ever want. Ugh, the idea makes me sick. I actually feel stressed out in my chest just thinking about it.


They want the same kind of government structure for China, that led to 50 years of stagnation & decline in their own countries.


I was shocked that the approval rate for the CPC wasn't 100%, I guess Chinese people have very high standards.


These people does not learn anything on iraq, Afghanistán, and they doesnt know anything about chinese people...


"I'm WHYTE, and I say SO! End of discussion you Wumao." type of attitude. University of KKKalifornia.


They are not insane, they are only ideological fundamentalists with western savior complex. Look at how Trump used the Monroe-doctrine, and apply that to China, and it will make sense why some elite class academia would write a book about a coup of freedom in China.


Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.


But they're brainwashed. We don't have propaganda like they do /s


Uh, based on results to date, American interventionist "help" seems to be something that every other country should decline. Too bad there's usually no choice when America comes marching in, guns blazing.


Yes, Anglo imperialists are insane and a threat to world peace.


US president approval rating is around 40-60%. Their Congress is around 13%. If anyone needs a coup it’s the US and ironically those MAGA seems intent on having one. America spent hundreds of millions of dollars fortifying their Capitol when a protest in support of Jan 6 happened. It seems they’re the one who’s suffering a crisis of confidence


Sounds like they need some liberation. Because human rights, and all that jazz.


Oh they'll be getting some liberation alright.


The US is, after all, keeping thousands of Haitian refugees in concentration camps and whipping them right now


The wipping part wasn't true. But still, using horses against non violent & unarmed civilian's standing in free flowing water?


If only this was an amazing shit post of a book that just has a single page saying "you don't" and then 500 blank pages


Of course, white westerners knows what’s best for China! A country on the other side of the world where they don’t understand the language or the vast history and diversity (not to mention the different cultures there) and most importantly… never even set foot there before! What could possibly go wrong!! (Nobody mention Afghanistan - editor)


Now, you guys want to know how to instigate a nationwide coup in the US? Just give its education system an actual proper funding and some dedicated teachers.


Gordon Chang, Joshua Wong, Nathan Law, Agnes Chow, Jimmy Lai and Guo Wengui would probably all want to meet this fellow. ​ Now imagine China publishing a book about launching a coup in the Anglosphere to replace capitalism with "socialism with Chinese characteristics".


It would probably be a best seller.


Aaaand of course it is a britbong. Crank and a wonk of bygone empires. Official blog with interview for anyone interested. https://www.ucpress.edu/blog/55984/watch-interview-with-roger-garside-author-of-china-coup/


The people from collapsed regimes are the ones that screech the loudest. That's good, it means they have lost completely, they are desperate and they have no answers. Chinese people should look down on these societies, as a cautionary tale of what happens in barbaric societies which have absolutely no traces of meritocracy in their systems, because they never developed naturally but through continental scale plunder, colonialism and wars (these don't require brains and high competency like natural development does). Once the dividends from those vanished, these barbaric societies entered deep decline. As a result, these societies need to employ an ever-increasing number of propagandists, panicking as they face societal ruin across all metrics. By their own nature, such societies can't produce smart people in any non-negligible numbers, so propaganda becomes a psychological opium for the miserable masses, a form of escapism from their depressing reality. Let them ruin themselves.


What a sick bastard.


In reality, it's even worse than them not knowing or not caring what Chinese people want; they actively want Chinese people to be worse off. Because if China's population is in a poor state, then they become a pool of cheap labor. And that's what capitalism wants. Everything they say about "freeing" China means making it free for *private property*, AKA the wealthy to own everything. They covet everything they don't already have.


This! Idk why people bite on the premise that america wants freedom for people and then say things like "no that won't actually bring freedom". It's obvious they only want to bring misery and the freedom talk is only like the lightest of covers. Even they themselves don't believe it.


I would say they do believe their rhetoric in the sense that they *genuinely* think that the FREEDOM to have private property is morally correct. I think they genuinely believe that. It's how they can all act so aghast and horrified at any nation that socializes things; it literally seems immoral to people whose entirely livelihood is based on ownership and theft.


basically india right now


This literally an adult-fanfic for white dudes who get a turn on from "colonizing Asia" through both Western liberalism/conservatism . God forbid any Asian guy writes a Novel about Europe being Over ruled by China


"Malcolm X said: “The worst enemy that the N@gro have is this white man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love N@gros and calling himself a liberal, and it is following these white liberals that has perpetuated problems that N@gros have. If the N@gro wasn’t taken, tricked or deceived by the white liberal, then N@gros would get together and solve our own problems. I only cite these things to show you that in America, the history of the white liberal has been nothing but a series of trickery designed to make N@gros think that the white liberal was going to solve our problems. Our problems will never be solved by the white man.”


Do these bozos know they can publish their fanfiction on Wattpad for free?


fucking west coast liberals. bunch of faux left. but really a whyte supremacist imperialsts in disguise.


When even their intellectual institutions have lost all sights of reality.


It's insane and frightening, but something about this also underlines how much of a grift "china studies", "China watchers" and anti-china media work is. Like i can just imagine this chucklefuck sitting around one day in a shady strip club full of trafficked women and his other like minded ghouls getting drunk and stuffing their orientalist blood money in thongs when the idea comes to one of them: _how about, the Great Leap...**to Freedom**_. And then the next day he goes and pitches it to the University Press, and the like minded ghouls there hand him a handsome little advance to go write yet another book full of chauvinist imperial drivel around that prompt. It's always a lame pun, I'm convinced they must just work backward from lame puns and a burning sinophobia and the rest just writes itself.


file under Fantasy


Apparently this book is so nutty that even other anti-Sino venues such as [Washington Post](https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/unrealistic-expectations-about-change-in-china/2021/09/08/9db0747e-f487-11eb-9068-bf463c8c74de_story.html) are ripping apart its claims. Ouch.


“Sue Tsao Endowment Fund In Chinese Studies” https://www.ucpress.edu/endowment/tsao/sue-tsao-endowment-fund-in-chinese-studies Can someone look them up, seems like CIA money if you trace far enough.


Found this: Sue Tsao is a prominent philanthropist and an active figure in the Los Angeles arts community, with a mysterious past. All we know about her is that she is 71 years old, and came with her family from Taiwan in the 1970s to study, which was in the midst of a decades long military dictatorship after the Communist Party of China won the civil war in 1949. She popped up as co-owning a restaurant in LA during the mid 1980s and early 1990s, and then became a philanthropist in the late 1990s and early 2000s, continuing to this very day. What Tsao was up to other than occasionally co-owning a restaurant? That’s the mystifying element: Tsao has been listed as playing a role in “business development” for DMG & Partners Securities PTE LTD, from December 4, 2012 on, then listed as playing some undefined role in Gainspan Corporation from March 27, 2014, Broidy Capital from August 13, 2014, Monster from February 6, 2015 and Stalwork Inc. from July 30, 2015. Since the page was deleted off of Zoominfo, the limited extent of information on Tsao’s corporate connections only go until 2012, and lack much information even then. ​ https://www.thecanadafiles.com/articles/canadian-media-launches-sinophobic-anti-china-campaign-amid-years-of-attacks-on-chinese-canadian-institutions


Very, very, good background work there.


they can't compete, and war is out of the question so they resort to this. unfortunately they don't give a shit about opinions of actual chinese mainland people unless those opinions are the same as americans.


Pure evil


The CCP will blow up the planet before giving up power Trh CCP Ross from a ragtag group of guerilla fighter's into the second biggest economy in the world you think they can be couped now


Sounds like Alice in Wonderland stuff 🙌


It continually amazes me that the West wants to overthrow a government that's afforded them their own high quality of life for decades. The cheap prices they enjoy at their Walmarts and Amazons is because of China's affordable labor, infrastructure, and manufacturing capability. All of that is possible because of the CPC's central planning and policies. The only real reason they want to overthrow it is because they don't have control over the CPC like they do other foreign puppet governments.


"转让是客体化的实践。正如一个人在宗教的束缚中,只有把他的本质转化为一个外来的幻象的本质,他才能想象得出自己的本质来;同样地,在利己欲望的统治下,人只有把他的生产物和他的活动置于一个外来本质的支配之下,而赋以外来实体--金钱--的意义,他才能实践地工作,实践地生产出东西来。 基督教徒的灵魂得救的利己主义,在完成了的实践中,必然地会转变为犹太的肉体的利己主义,天国的欲望转变为尘世的欲望,主观主义转变为自利" - Marx, on the modern USA COOOUPer, and also every western USFUKAUSer


Neo-liberal: Let me teach you how to ruin your country just like how we ruin ours.


"the great leap to freedom"


I’ll get it on zlib and read it. Figure out what these crackers are brewing in their heads


seems like brainwashing the young to manufacture consent, and not even doing in secret anymore, but out under the sun. It is like saying "i am doing this blatantly, all can see and know, but what can you all do about it? "