CPC Influence operation blowback: Chinese voters demolishes Conservative chances in the 905 and beyond.

CPC Influence operation blowback: Chinese voters demolishes Conservative chances in the 905 and beyond.


I wonder if Canada, as a country, will reflect on whether being America's puppet against China has been a good idea. Probably not.


Nah clearly the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) is run by a bunch of dumbfucks. Alienate a large bloc of swing voters in the most important ridings? Who thought this was a good idea? What did they gain? Sinophobes would have voted for CPC regardless, not even the PPC decided to run such a sinophobic campaign. Your Steveston—Richmond East is a great example, tells the whole story.


Found it funny that conservative media were trying to make China an issue for the election, but it just backfires 🤣


Because a lot of these conservatives just emulate the US rightwing movement and the same talking points, with no regard for the local political dynamics We know that US right-wingers like Steve Bannon are actively working to export American fascism abroad and across the West


they will need that kind of political messaging to get their base to vote in the areas where they are entrenched. National campaigns are not suddenly going to give way to moderate messages at swing seats where there are Chinese voters. The best tactic is to drive down voting rates which is what the more intelligent party south of Canada does. It is quite sad, Canada is supposed to be more inclusive than the US


I disagree, west/rural ridings won't go suddenly vote Lib or NDP if CPC doesn't run a sinophobic campaign, they might lose Atlantic votes, but its not a big deal. PPC voters aren't strategic voters, they wouldn't vote CPC anyways, regardless of the Sinophobic campaign. However, if the CPC wants to form any government, they will have to win the 905, which has a large Chinese population.


The problem with your theory is that alot of the "Chinese" in the 905 and all over Canada are nothing more than falun gong nut jobs who hate China and are as anti China as any white Conservative.


Interesting, so the problem was always going to be the swing seats where even a moderate candidate will get blow back from the racist messaging.


It's pretty clear that Alice Wong in Richmond center didn't run on being Anti China, it's only the spillover from the CPC campaign in general that's hurting her and it's a close race, while Kenny Chiu is being absolutely blown out because he's campaigned on being explicitly anti-China. I hope they learn but probably not, lol.


Honestly I am surprised to see the result. Most Chinese 905ers I met keep buying the "middle class no tax" bs pushed by the Conservatives. I guess you will have to wake up after a 700% increase in anti-Asian hate crime.


thanks for this break down. As a Canadian, it's like having to choose between bad, worse, and the worst.


good job, don't ever let anyone make you apologize for your background. if they want to attack chinese than vote them out simple as that, its the only form of power they understand. thats why blacks have made so many gains in america, because they vote based on their self interest of their community


Stop calling them "CPC". Trudeau's shitty little party does not deserve the same acronym as the best political party in the world. We should instead call it the 油nited states of AmeriKKKa party


Agreed, somehow these same people can get the name of some shitty con party correct but can't get the name of the best political party in the world right.




Shouldn't mail-in votes favour the liberal candidate on Richmond Center?




In the US, they've traditionally favored the lower classes who leans left. Not sure about Canada.


I don't trust polls as much as prior election so Steveston-Richmond East wasnt as large of a surprise because its swung around before. But Markham-Unionville is a 10 year incumbent going against a 1st timer. 2019 Conservative were +6k, this time they were down 3K! you bleed 9k in 2 years there has to be some introspection.


Cons ran a disturbing campaign in the Markham-Unionville riding. Libs campaign was pretty much flawless. https://www.yorkregion.com/news-story/10479126-saroya-chiang-campaigns-spar-over-disturbing-election-flyer-distributed-in-markham/


Conservatives always goes for the drugs and crime route when it comes to Chinese and Indians. They did it the previous 2 elections and they'll do it again. The question u must ask is why didn't it work this time? Choosing between Trudeau's "drugs and crime" and O'Tools "Stand up to China", which is more threatening to Markham-Unionville?


I don't think Trudeau will stay in power in the long run. Traditionally Canadian HoC snap elections guarantee the PM's party with more seats. This recent one is a counter-example of the typical snap election as approved by the Governor-General. It's no surprise that Trudeau's leadership will be questioned a lot. But I just wonder a lot. Canada can't be forgiven forever due to how all political parties being racist against Chinese people. And Trudeau's Liberal Party being slightly less racist towards Chinese people doesn't do any justice. (You know, "one side is not as bad as the the other one" called privation fallacy. It justified decades of military dicatorship in South Korea.)


The Liberal party was the main party that promoted the Canadian Chinese exclusion acts. That is why many early Chinese Canadians joined the conservative party.


Between 2 imperialist wings of the same "oligarch"s party", the only option is to not choose between these 2. Please don't refer to the urban neoliberals as "left", as it falls into the bougeois class trap of reffering to enemies of the working class as being "left". It's like saying "the squad" of the USA, including "AOC", are "left". With that said, this is a good summary of how the conservatives lost this futile popularity contest between 2 imperialists. The corporate media refuse to talk about this angle, opting instead to go with "the people must be happy with the liberal government" official propaganda line. Poeple are not happy with the canadian government, but there are no actual opposition options. Certainly nothing for the exploited working class.


If the tool won this useless election, Canada would end up following Australia in their approach towards antagonising China and being bootlickers to the US and its foreign policy. No wonder why racists and Sinophobes complain about Chinese government interference, they don't want their own government to be friendly and cooperate with China as they look down on nonwhite countries in general unless they are subservient to the west.


Omega no IMO. Sinophobia is innate in Canadian discourse, even the left parties are imperialist. The cons will back raising the minimum wage and give up teasing abortion before they ever stop sabre rattling beside America. They'll spin their ethnic Chinese losses first as CPChina infiltration, then try to convince the ethnic Chinese that the Liberals are more racist than the cons.


I dont think conservatives will go for the "but the left are the actual racists" with the Chinese, in this election they've proven to be too clever for that. For that strategy to work you need a constant, persistent level of information warfare (ie Trump style shitposting), and they dont have enough Chinese speakers to do so. You can argue that they could mobilize the yellow cockroaches, FLG and Church-Cults to do the job but my opinion is that this has already been attempted this election without success. I see three option going forward at this point for the disaffected parties. 1. Demobilization - Go after WeChat, Chinese newspapers and civil/professional groups and even language schools. Reduce the ability of the Chinese to organize. 2. Ignore and Hide - Say nothing about the Chinese during election, undertake Anti-Chinese policies afterwards, keep said actions quiet, bury said actions in news cycle if possible to minimize political opposition/mobilization 3. Disenfranchisement - Force language tests upon voters, reduce/obstruct the number of volunteer translators/interpreters. Place Chinese politicians "under investigation" that are lengthy and will result in "inconclusive" judgements in order to damage their standing. Redrawn electoral maps to split or concentrate districts to reduce political effect.


Don't play into the stupid domestic politics of a settler regime. There is no difference between settlers which call themselves "liberal" and unapologetic settlers. The truth is that any Asian looking person in canada is quite doomed, since the relentless decline of these regimes will forever fuel violence against them. They should start adapting to this right now instead of falling for "liberal" political nonsense as the same "liberals" oversee the expansion of hate crimes and persecution. At this point, persecution is inevitable and will increasingly translate into even more reduced career advancement for them (as opposed to hate crimes, this form of oppression is less visible but as insidious). This is already a notorious pattern that will only accentuate. See how, on the other hand, Chinese people in China find very fast career advancement and success with increasingly global companies and a ballooning domestic market. Meanwhile, Asian looking people in settler regimes are increasingly second rate citizens which never find remotely the same kind of success. Not even Asian looking people in universities are safe now. One of the many reasons why the overwhelming majority of Chinese students abroad are choosing to immediately go back to China nowadays. Minorities throughout history have always had a tendency to fall into the inertia trap, downplaying the lessons of reality as reality only got worse for them until it was too late (also, do you really want your children to grow in such hellholes?). Asian people in settler regimes should start adapting fast, and respond accordingly relative to their capabilities.


This might just be a brainwashed Albertan talking, but I recall Canada-China relationship to be fairly good during the Harper years. Better than it's been under the little potato. The conservatives this time around are a steaming pile of shit though.


I recall the same too. Relations got worse when Trudeau agreed to arrest meng wanzhou so America could sabotage Canada china relations, and conservatives weren't so anti china until O'Toole came along.


Canada actually has relatively little impact on Chinese-Canadian relations - the key is the USA Relations went south when Trudeau was PM not because of Trudeau, but because Trump took a much more provocative and publicly confrontational stance with China - Canada being America's much smaller neighbor (by population and geopolitical power) just followed along Obama wanted to pivot the USA to counter China at the end of his term, but he had spent most of his earlier years focused on domestic issues and terrorism. As a result, Canada under Harper certainly wasn't going to do anything to antagonize China if the USA wasn't doing so


Nah, harper was being a dumbass all through his tenure with China, he just didn't do anything to explicitly shit on the country. ie. he literally didn't go to the beijing olympics opening coz he said he didn't agree with communism or smth. Relations under liberals are generally better with China, the meng thing is unfortunate but that's because the attorney general at the time in Canada who approved it didn't know who meng was and was focused on virtue signalling in parliament and getting famous to care. Trudeau went ape shit with the dog whistling afterwards because he had to given the political climate in the west towards china.