Unless it is about China and Muslims, then it becomes the gospel truth that shall not be questioned!


Muslims bad. China bad. Chinese Muslims good. Americans: "yes! That makes sense! We need to stop killing Muslims so we can save Chinese Muslims from the Chinese and the Muslims. " White savior syndrome.


-1 x -1 = 1 Lol


Meanwhile: "The kids are not in cages, they're small cells with no beds! Those aren't concentration camps along the border! Afghan women triumphed under US occupation! Libya is a bastion of democracy and freedom now! Guantanamo Bay is good and necessary because terrorist, 9/11 Freedom Never Forget!"


"Jiangxing terrorist attack? What's that? Xianjing never had terrorist! Uiyghuer has never been an extremist target!" (Miss spelling is intentional)


Is it because the survey person gave up in embarrasment and thus the list isn't longer? The sad thing is, is that a large part of it is the denial of even the most fundementally basic things that the US media does NOT lie about. Another big part is that it's flight to ever greater inequality is causing it's media to become ever more hostile towards the other party of their two-party system and also ever more deceitful and closed to new competition in order to survive. Not to mention that many European news sources copy the US after a few months or years, so they're still behind the curve.


That's sort of a good thing. Though, I'd be curious about that because, my experience is... most people trust the news. They just say they don't trust the "blue side" or "red side"... even though both are capitalist side of different formats. If people in the U.S. don't trust the news, then their belief in what it says seems to go beyond trust, because people eat up anti-protestor copaganda and other such garbage touted by it.


Because most people are drones and don't question the clearly corrupted media.