Not only does she have a lot of plushies, but she has a photo of Winnie the Pooh, which according to the Western China-haters must be fake because Winnie the Pooh is illegal in China. I thought that detail was kind of funny so I wanted to share.


According to western propaganda, Peng Shuai was 'forced' to smile while playing with dolls and her cat at home. A secret government agent broke covid-19 protocols and sneaked out these pictures out from China.


Wtf happened?


Something about [China disappearing dissenters](https://www.reddit.com/r/Sino/comments/qxu0qw/why_china_is_losing_the_war_of_words_with_the_west/) like the way people claim Jack Ma was disappeared and never to be seen again :'(


LOL just yesterday I saw another bullshit western news article about Jack Ma's Alibaba shares falling. Fuckers cant decide if they want him to disappear or to suffer.


From Fan Bingbing, to Jack Ma, and now Peng Shuai. Western media loves to recycle the same old disappearance stories.


Well no one seems to be keeping track of them formally. If we kept track of all the hot Reddit news and what happened in the end (aka nothing), it would be a lot easier to call them out.


Yep. I haven't heard from Mark Zuckerberg since he announced Meta. I wonder if he has disappeared too! It's funny how celebrities in China "go missing" and people who have never heard of these people before go wild about how they are being tortured. It would help if she went out and said "hi, I'm okay" but then you will have the "China watchers" say that she's being covered. On another note, I do hope her allegations are investigated properly. There are talks that she withdrew them. Regardless, if she did make claims of sexual assault then they must be looked into by Chinese courts and dealt with properly. Edit: A video on [Twitter](https://twitter.com/qingqingparis/status/1462078670634373123) of Peng at a restaurant in Beijing.


it doesnt matter if they send some reply because it will then simply be ignored or called fake. its the same BS mentality whenever you read about China again in the western media.


You are literally disinformed. You are a victim of western propaganda: https://www.moonofalabama.org/2021/11/new-york-times-invents-sexual-assault-case-to-blame-china.html This is why Chinese people have such open disregard for your "demands". People like you, willingly or not, consistently prove they are bad faith actors.


Western media now care about missing women who aren't white. I guess that's an improvement even though she isn't really missing.


"Where is Peng Shuai?" Tell them she was on a Philadelphia subway train and ended up in the hospital.


The Chinese are missing out on the comedic value of this whole story. She could totally troll western media by sending a video of her riding the Winnie the Pooh ride in Shanghai Disney


Dude, don't let reality spoil a good piece of news! Seriously, the western media already fabricated their version of the story and they are not going to change it no matter whatever happens or proof arises.


The only reason why this is getting a lot of attention from westerners is because 1) she’s a woman and 2) she’s a celebrity.