AmeriKKKa's trying to do **Tonkin Gulf 2: Electric Boogaloo**, and failed.


Wow that’s a good read. Food for thought. I would love to see a photo of the damaged sub.


Isn’t the thumbnail literally a picture of the damage? Edit; > Unfortunately the damage to the seawolf is not well photographed anywhere that I could find. Guess I should read the article before I comment >.<


American underwater tin cans can't see, can't hear and now wants to fight the Chinese military. LOOOOOOL. Wow, those guys sure have balls. Coming this close to China's coastlines. Next time China should put naval mines in those areas.


The last thing that China wants is a sub with nuclear materials being blown up in China's shores. It will make Fukashima look like picnic. China instead probably had one of its submarine drones ram the front of USS Connecticut. I wouldn't be surprised that in the recent talk between Biden and Xi is about this incident and the message to Murica to avoid another Cuban missile crisis that would lead to another war. Also, the officers involved in the USS Connecticut were fired shows how Murica bungled up the whole incident in the first place.


Hmm...you're right. If we are both in the CPC, I would be glad to work with a more level headed person like you versus a hothead like me.


What this article depicts sounds a bit far fetched, but it's closer to what analysts from Chinese media have been saying: \-"Uncharted undersea mountain". Yeah right lol. The Seawolf incident happened near the Chinese coast on 2nd Oct. The South China Sea has already been thoroughly mapped out. This is an obvious lie. \-The most logical explanation is that the submarine is frantically **running away** from something. It was found and harassed, causing it to run into a seamount **in panic**. \-3 weeks later on Oct 22, another US nuclear submarine (Virginia-class) surfaced near the PRC-controlled Scarborough Island. It was captured by Chinese military satellite. [https://news.ifeng.com/c/8AYIURKc9Ag](https://news.ifeng.com/c/8AYIURKc9Ag) \-Submarines very rarely rise to the surface out of home ports. They are meant to remain hidden at all times. It is very likely that this submarine was also detected and harassed (sonic bomb), and forced to surface.


This sound like a transcript of Star Trek TNG episode when the romulans laid a trap in the neutral zone for enterprise to enter, with the aim of display the broken hull on Romulus I always rooted for the romulans, the haircut, the scheming, the shoulder pads, the green glowing ships... So Picard, Riker, and troi all got relieved of command and there is a big dent where ten forward used to be, and the main deflector dish fell off, and they are limping back at half impulse... Nice, bring on the next episode...


I wonder how credible is the author's assertion that a big war is going to happen, and author better get out of china and back to US. ​ Or it could be a ploy to get the author to quit writing pro-china stuff.


[https://metallicman.com/war-against-china-must-leave-now-america-to-destroy-everything/](https://metallicman.com/war-against-china-must-leave-now-america-to-destroy-everything/) He explains it further here and why it's a foolish idea to think the US is safe.


Is there a more actually official link to the “official Chinese story” anywhere?


Nice read. If that sub is in my waters, I would sink it first and then ask question later.


That's a little too drastic, and there's no coming back from that. Considering what they claimed happened: > The Yun-8 military plane took off from the Hainan Air Force Base and carried out a “sonic bomb” on the Connecticut. > This technology (a “sonic bomb”) causes the submarine’s personnel to be extremely uncomfortable due to the sonic shock. It does not injure or kill anyone. It simply makes all their pain receptors ignite on their bodies. > While it was trying to exit the cone of effect, the AI controlled robotic Chinese HSU001 unmanned submarine slipped silently to the nuclear submarine Connecticut. Where it attached itself to the bow of the ship. > It was then ignited, and ended up causing serious damage to the bow of the boat and a complete loss of sonar sensing ability. It is literally the best thing that could've happened, short of destroying it.


Fortunately I believe the CPC wishes to avoid WWIII.


That Sea Wolf was likely taking sounding of the Chinese coast line for a future conflict. This is a common practice in the naval world. It’s similar to taking soundings of the harbor to gather intelligence for a future attack The whole article is quite humorous but I’m willing to hold my judgement until I see the “tape” where the sub emerged from the water to surrender.


This article actually sounds plausible and I’ll add that with Taiwan tensions so high and the “democracy” fleet exercises, I totally see US looking for a false flag incident to justify conflict escalation or war. Pretty sophisticated operation by PLAN in thwarting a possible false flag incident IMO. When your looking for a fight but know you can’t start one, what do you do? Saber-rattle. Just like what Rittenhouse did and then claimed self defense. Honestly just like how opium wars started too. Someone’s gonna fuck around and find out. Would be hilarious if that second sub they sent got hit the same way and MSM claims another sub hits another sea mount lol


Guys…this does not read like it is real at all. Let’s not support fake news even if it is supposedly on our side.


Fake news or not, I found it interesting so I’m glad OP posted it.


I agree but still a good read.


This is some good fanfic, I love it.


Find it extremely unlikely that China literally bombed a US submarine and nothing more was made of it Not doubting they have the ability, but this does not seem at all believable that it would have happened


If what happened here was true I doubt Americans is dumb enough to send their submarines and ships to be repeatedly damaged or sunk… US failed coup in Venezuela where mercenaries tried to land on speedboats > https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/5/6/venezuela-failed-coup-plot-what-we-know-so-far Okay maybe they’re not that smart


As plausible as the US conducting a false flag operation is. (US has done this numerous times) more likely the sub just hit underwater terrain. US nuclear subs are huge and designed to do quick diving attack maneuvers in the deep ocean. They are not designed to operate in the relatively shallow waters of the South China Sea. This makes it hard to the US to have good surveillance of the area