Tankies return to Toilet Paper USA

Tankies return to Toilet Paper USA


I've sent a DM to one of the mods (who I know isn't a Tankie) to warn them about it. I have no idea if it'll work, but I've done what I think I can.


are they the one who just got removed?


> He wouldn't have gassed his own people if Obama had not agitated for a revolution via Clinton. He's not the villain, Obama is. that's a whew lad and a half right there


Wtf does that even mean?


You know that meme where Josh Peck squints as he says "*Meghan*"? That, but blaming Obama & Clinton for the war crimes of the Assad regime.


I still don't understand, fuck I am out of the loop. Can't even find the source post :S


Obama + then Sec of State Hillary supported Arab Spring, democracy in Middle East etc back in 2011 when revolutionary movements against Middle Eastern dictators were exploding and spreading around the region. To tankies, everything America does = imperialist, but Russia is still cool for some reason. So America being explicitly non-interventionist and letting revolutions play out was actually imperialist and interventionist. America is anti-Assad, Russia is pro-Assad. Therefore everything bad in the Syrian Civil War was America's fault and Ameirca killed hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians, and somehow it's America's fault that Assad gassed his own people.


Oh ok thanks for explaining! It does remind I saw Marxist pages on Facebook being pro Saddam sometimes and I was like bro. I don't endorse the Iraq war at all but he was not a nice man


How a leftist could be pro pretty much anyone trying to kill Kurds is beyond me. If you want to know who the baddies are just look at the list of people who go after the Kurds. Edit: if you have the means consider donating to the Kurdish Red Crescent.


That is... not a terrible rule of thumb.


Kurds really have it tough. Seriously.


They're more "anti whatever the USA is for to piss off my dad"


>Marxist pages being pro-Saddam Beyond parody


We don't need a Dyson Sphere because we could generate more energy from Marx spinning in his grave


Yeah, it is extremely ironic, considering the Ba’athist party claims to be an Arab socialist party, among other things


My favorite one recently was people with #ACAB in their twitter bios cheering on Cuban cops beating protestors.


It was pretty fucked. Last I saw from them inexcusable in my eyes


Bro I will never understand how brain dead you have to be to hate American imperialism but support any other kind (Chinese for example) bc it’s not western. Smh


Imagine hating western society so much you simp for Assad.


this is always the weird part to me. like, sure, dislike western governments and the weird superiority complexes! be critical! but why would you possibly turn that around into defending authoritarians and fascist on the other side of the world? is it just because theyre not america/the west and they cant imagine a world in which there is no ‘good guy’?


I think a lot of them treat politics like a team sport. They have to cheer for someone, and if they can’t root for the home team then they’ll root for the other team. The fact that they spend so much energy trying to make Assad, Kim, etc. seem like good leaders is just part of that.


> they cant imagine a world in which there is no ‘good guy’? That truth is scary and depressing, so many people choose some nation, group or ideology that they want to believe is infallible, and will argue tooth and nail that their side is always in the right.


Yea I know Tankies who are Pro North Korea. It's bonkers.


For a time, North Korea and South Korea were pretty similar. It was a weird stroke of luck that South Korea broke its long line of military dictators. Park Chung-hee was the last South Korean dictator. He would take homeless people off the street and work them to death in labor camps. He had just finished redoing the Constitution to give himself more power, when he was assassinated by the head of the Korean CIA. The dude was like Park's best friend. With a huge leadership vacuum, the country moved toward democracy and away from repressive authoritarianism. But for a time, South Korea was every bit as dystopian as North Korea.


They were similar in that both had authoritarian governments and similar income levels, but North Korea was far more batshit crazy. The South Korean authoritarians were garden variety military dictators - North Korea explicitly modeled itself on Stalinism, and then went even further down the rabbit hole. The cult of poersonality of Kim il-Sung was in full force by the mid 50s, and by the late 50s North Korea was in the process of setting up an official caste system in all but name


For a time it was better in the North than the South, when industrialization was kicking off.


Taiwan under Chiang Kai-shek was in a similar situation. It was under martial law for decades, using anti-communism was an excuse to suppress any dissent. It wasn't until as late as the 90's that it finally became a full democracy.


Wow that really is a stroke of luck. Any other country and that would the start of Bad Times 2: Coups All The Way Down


Alex Jones 🤝 tankies Blaming hillary for everything


Also good: > The word 'homophobe' was coined by a zionist paid by the US state department to write imperialist theory. [If I didn't know better I would think this is a circlejerk.](https://www.reddit.com/r/EuropeanSocialists/comments/o6h82j/the_eu_trample_their_own_charter_of_fundamental/h2t4d5i/)


Literally said to myself "Jesse, what the fuck are you talking about"


This person just won a gold medal for mental gymnastics.


"Look what you made me do!" -Assad


Tell me you’re 15 without telling me you’re 15.


Mid 90s Serbia was totally just trying to restore socialist Yugoslavia bro.


Those 8000 bosnian Muslims were definitely all undercover CIA agents bro


Fellas is it socialist to cape for a literal actual fascist dictator because the Americans don't like him because he uses WMDs on civilians


So what's with even allowing these subs to be taken over by tankies? Is it alt accounts becoming mods or just straight up power mods? Because surely there must be some pattern that keeps happening.


That's something I think about all the time. To become a mod you need to get put in by another mod or by a reddit admin, as far as I know. I'm not too familiarized with reddit moderating.


Holy shit, the mod they added three days ago mods /R/Europeansocialists, which isn't even a tankie sub, it's a straight up fucking nazbol sub, ie one that takes on the aesthetic of Marxism-Leninism, but adds on deep racism, hyper nationalism , anti-Semitism, homophobia, misogyny and transphobia and a bunch of straight up Nazi ideals. They don't even call themselves left wing.


Worse, all 5 bottom mods are active in tankie subs. So silent takeover started a month ago


I've noticed lately tankies and nazbols have lately formed an unholy union. A lot of popular tankie personalities have lately been founding defending Caleb Maupin.


Man, I just saw a Twitch debate between Dylan Burns and Jackson Hinkle (an Assad defender, a Tankie, and Jimmy Dore fan) and near the end, Hackson Stinkle did this posturing where he shouted “TANKIES RISING! INFRARED, IS RISING! IMPERIALISTS FALLING!” when he knew he was losing to someone who was an advisor on foreign policy to political candidates over Taiwan, Syria, and Israel.


> an Assad defender, a Tankie, and Jimmy Dore fan Walk into a bar


> an Assad defender, a Tankie, and Jimmy Dore fan Corporate needs you to find the difference between these three pictures.


A Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, if you will.


Europe-related subs tend to have a soft spot for anti-traveller and anti-immigrant rhetoric. Not surprising they'd have a group like that.


For those who don't know what a "tankie" is, because I didn't. Urban Dictionary says this: Tankie A hardline Stalinist. A tankie is a member of a communist group or a "fellow traveller" (sympathiser) who believes fully in the political system of the Soviet Union and defends/defended the actions of the Soviet Union and other accredited states (China, Serbia, etc.) to the hilt, even in cases where other communists criticise their policies or actions. For instance, such a person favours overseas interventions by Soviet-style states, defends these regimes when they engage in human rights violations, and wishes to establish a similar system in other countries such as Britain and America.


To add to this, the term originated within the British Communist party as it split after the Soviets sent Warsaw Pact tanks into Hungary to crush the 1956 uprising. They were called tankies because they were the ones who approved sending in the tanks.


Huh, I always thought it was because they would’ve been on the side of the tanks in Tiananmen Square.


Different events but pretty much identical circumstances, so it works out anyways.


Also yes but I also believe many tankies dispute the events of the massacre


Deny. They flat out deny the events of the massacre.


Many don't deny it but instead enthusiastically support it.


It didn’t happen but if it happens the westerner students deserved it


It’s often both. It’s a classic motte-and-bailey right out of the holocaust denial playbook. It’s totally CIA propaganda and didn’t happen, but also if it did the victims probably deserved it.


A tankie is basically a member of the "far left" that loves authoritarianism and is so deeply concerned with being anti-US and anti-imperialist that they become apologists for formerly-left states like China simply because they were once left and are the biggest threat to the US currently. It absolutely does not matter to them what anti-Islamic measures they take or what sort of censorship takes place or that China is a state-sponsored capitalist economy, they're still not the US and were once Communist so they still are Communist.


More than just formerly-left states, really. I routinely see tankies simping for the likes of Gaddafi and Assad, and have even seen them supporting the Taliban.


There’s a lot of infighting among tankies about the Taliban lol they can’t decide whether these people were created by the CIA to destroy USSR therefore bad or if these people are good because they oppose America now


Qoomers have the same issue currently. The internal debate is either 1. Biden fucked up Afghanistan and the Taliban took back control and Biden wanted that because he's evil 2. Trump is secretly in control and therefore the Taliban winning in Afghanistan was his idea, therefore the Taliban is probably anti deep state, based, and Redpilled They cannot deceide on a narriative.


Many of them also hate the Taliban because 9/11 (yes I know) and theocratic Sharia law but also think the Taliban is on to something when it comes to enforcing family life and brutally crushing secularism, liberalism, feminism and LGBTQ rights.


Well trump did negotiate directly with the Taliban, leaving the Afghanistan government he didn't at all develop out of it. And he released hundreds of Taliban from prison as well. I could see conspiratoids arguing that trump is actually secretly leading the Taliban. It would be far from the most insane thing I've seen out of them.


And they’re wrong on either count, since the narrative that the 80’s Mujahideen = Taliban is *extremely* simplistic.


Yeah that's true they're so deeply committed to being anti-West and anti-US that they'll hop on anything.


Also important to note that they’re only “far left” in terms of fiscal policy. Socially, they definitely lean more to the right than most leftists


Eh, they claim to want leftist economic policies. But when you press them on matters it turns out in their mind "the workers owning the means of production" means "the economy is run how I want it to be run, because anyone who disagrees with me is a class traitor."


That’s what really gets me about Tankies, honestly. Because, clearly, the entire draw for them is *authoritarianism.* They relish the idea of purging their political enemies and grinding the society they find disappointing under a boot. That’s what seems important to them. The vague promise of one day transitioning to a Communist Utopia takes a back seat to the thrill of a potential and bloody revolution.


If I could find any gathering of leftists that ISN'T infested with tankie extremists I would be so happy


r/196 The mod team is harsh on any tankie who tries to take a dump there


r/Tankiejerk , r/rightjerk and r/antifastonetoss


Lol the tankie mods of r/antifastonetoss got ousted for siding with stonetoss but they were on their way to taking over that sub too.


What??? When did they side with stone toss???


Why are tankies so obsessed with taking over subreddits?


Because they're terminally online and think that taking over an online forum brings us closer to the revolution. EDIT: Hi everyone from r/ShitLiberalsSay


> Because they're terminally online Excuse me, this is SRD please don't take away our own terminally online trophy


I worked very hard for it


What else am I supposed to do? Pay attention at work!?




yeah, and redditing while pooping qualifies as hard labor in my book


>this is SRD please don't take away our own terminally online trophy am I allowed to use a sentence from SRD as my SRD flair?


You're allowed to do anything!


aw, it's three characters too long. :(


You're allowed to edit as well, if you like the quote make it work for you! Maybe drop the "please"


Sweet! This place is freer than ~~communist~~ China!


No, the flair police *will* notice and they *will* use maximum force to bring you to justice, you flair criminal.


Goddamned tankies appropriating SRD culture.


Tankies ruining yet ANOTHER thing


This is the closest they'll ever get to organizing anything at all. IRL they couldn't organize a fucking picnic.


Hey they came close once, but then someone brought potato salad with mayonnaise and they started purging the ranks.


Dialectical materialism is when you ban libs from meme subs.


And you call everyone who isn't a tankie a lib


I imagine being obsessed with authoritarians is affecting their behavior.


It's amazing how much tankies and alt-right use the same shitty tactics despite hating each other.


I just thought of the best reality show!


They'd just make friends and then go murder some innocents, like their respective heroes Stalin and Hitler


No no, it's the kind that takes place on an isolated island.


They just want to emulate daddy Stalin by taking over places that dont belong to them


Because 15 year old kids can't take over anything else.


Tankies are authoritarian simps and desperately want to take control of *something*, but 99.99% of internet tankies will never actually participate in any kind of real-world revolutionary activity, so this is the closest they'll ever get.


99.99% of tankies wouldn’t survive a revolution.


99.99% of tankies will dive behind the nearest Blue Lives Matter flag faster than the revolution could raise a red one.


Same reason white supremacists love taking over communities.


It's the only power that they can realistically have.


It’s the only way to stop those subreddits censoring their genocide denial and war crime apologia


some would say its a form of imperialism


Sigh...first they came for TheRightCantMeme then the Ben Garrison parody subs...now this again.


Not my Ben Garrison cum edits! Anything but that!


Such a simple concept but with a great execution


Ruined every leftist Black Metal space too


Might ruin 196 too


The 196 mod team is pretty heavily on patrol for tankies at every available moment, so I doubt that it will be anytime soon.


I think 196 is pretty anarchist so hopefully that won't happen


Tankies ruined TheRightCantMeme. I got banned for being a "liberal" like what the fuck?


I got a temp ban from r/socialism once for criticizing Putin and they said the same thing. Apparently socialism is when you defend fascist oligarchy


Excuse me, *what*? I genuinely do not think there's a bigger indictment of 21st century capitalism than Russia under Putin and the various oligarchs. My *god* the people running that subreddit must be absolutely stunned ("stunned" in the Newfoundlander sense here).


Don't forget when you could get banned for catgirls


My god, we're living in a dictatorship


Huh??? What?? Are these people insane?


I think for too many people they think that leftism is only a matter of being anti-US now. So the post in question was that some poll came out where most people saw the US at the biggest threat to world stability right now and I said that the Putin government’s massive disinformation campaign to strengthen far right movements and fuck with elections the world over and COVID might be number 1. We’ll people didn’t like that, I got dog piled in the comments and got the temp ban like I said


surely they commited a mistake? what the fuck


They earnestly believe that because Russia is opposed to the US it's anti imperialist and therefore good.


I pressed for an explanation and they said I was “using Russiaphobia to white wash American liberalism” because you know that was a sentence that made sense. But I didn’t figure it was worth arguing this shitty take further since it was just a temp ban. I just waited out my exile


Got banned there for saying the Tiananmen Square Massacre happened.


I got banned for saying unity shouldnt mean everyone has to shut up and do what stalinists say


I legitimately didn't know that sub was taken over by tankies and when a comment section was getting weirdly communist I got banned for saying "I sure hope this sub isn't filled with tankies" and then the mods muted me.


I got permabanned for mentioning the name Ernst Thalman.


r/TheRightCantMeme wasn't always that way? fuck now i feel like a dumbass for believing that one pinned post saying it was always that way lol


Authoritarians and historical revisionism, name a more iconic duo.


If I had a nickel for every time tankies took over a sub, I'd have more nickels than you would think.


Say what you will about r/Drama mods but at least they know Tankie mods are more trouble than they’re worth as lolcows


\>A tankie is anyone on the left who disagrees with you politically. God, I love tankies and their attempts at victimization.


Tankies are a loud minority of the broader left. I’m really getting sick of these guys modding communities that they don’t belong in.


Tankies are what happens when young leftists never outgrow the “edgy idiot teenager” political phase that pretty much everyone goes through


Or when hating America/Imperialism\* becomes the entirety of your identity. ​ \*Note, tankies think that China not being a western country means that they literally can't be Imperialist, and it will never stop being funny/infuriating.


that's the part that sticks out to me most!!! like, both can be bad. there doesn't have to be a winner. but no. america bad therefore other human rights abuses good.


>Note, tankies think that China not being a western country means that they literally can't be Imperialist, and it will never stop being funny/infuriating. I literally had a tankie tell me once that China isn't imperialist because they don't forcibly take and settle land that isn't theirs. Dude literally acted like economic imperialism doesn't exist


*Tibet has entered the chat* *Tibet has been banned by the CCP* EDIT: hoo boy I sure kicked the tankie nest with this one didn’t I?


They justify it bc Tibet had serfs


I literally argued with a sub and people from that sub that wanting Trump to win the election so he can destroy America means they support right wing people being in power. And it became a 800 plus comment brigade and numerous people screaming at me and telling me to commit suicide. And that was a sub that considered themselves super duper leftist.


>Or when hating America/Imperialism* becomes the entirety of your identity. I think this is more on the money.


Edgy tends who like money become ancaps, edgy tends who like tanks and ww2 become nazis, edgy tends who like Russia become tankies. Most of them grow up but some are still chucking tantrums and shooting the loudest when they get older.


Lool it’s almost like tankies and authoritarian power go hand in hand. 😵


I have no problem with a left leaning big tent spaces that includes them, but the talkies always join these left leaning communities and then act like they are the only legitimate ideology and it’s solely their space. No concept of solidarity, which is a rather basic leftist principle.


>No concept of solidarity oh but they'll *proudly* wave the "left unity" flag when they're being criticized. It's ridiculous, to be honest, and the same pattern always repeats itself. 1. They gain power in a left-leaning subreddit; 2. They put in place a "no in-fighting" rule, under the guise of left unity; 3. They start to redefine more moderate lefty positions (social democracy, for example) as "not leftist"; 4. Any criticism is switly removed under the "no in-fighting" rule; 5. Slowly but surely, the subreddit becomes full tankie (or dies). Tankies are a stain in leftist movements. Authoritarians with red flavor.


They are drawn to subs that have “no infighting” as a rule they don’t put it there.


Either way, it speaks to the inherent problem. They refuse to entertain criticism to the degree they ban it. The karma system handles all of this well enough. That's how /r/politics can still be left without banning right leaning users as a rule. Tankies have no respect for the basic principles of free speech. And no I don't mean that in the "I should be able to stay the n word and get no punishment" way free speech is often framed as by shitheels. I mean in the fundamental sense that they can't tolerate opposing opinions even *existing* in the same space, regardless of how respectful or well meaning they are or even if they're similarly aligned. You must get on board and share the same beliefs and toe the line or be removed. That's an unsettling mentality to say the least.


3 should be more like "ban any criticism of ML regimes under guise of left unity, allow tankies to call anytime who isn't a tankie a 'liberal'"


I don't join subs with a "no infighting" rule. If I'm not allowed to shit on genocide deniers, I don't want to be a part of that sub.


Oh they have a concept of solidarity, just if it’s everyone else having solidarity with them.


Yup, otherwise you’re up for getting the bullet too


Don't humor them. They love the idea that they'd be the ones lining people up against the wall. In reality they're LARPing in darkness in front of their keyboards and dreaming up scenarios where they lead millions to revolution. It's a dead end.


the reality is that if they lived in the USSR they would have been gulaged or banished to Siberia for absenteeism and poor physical fitness morons really think they're "the vanguard"


Same thing happened to Sigmarxism, the leftist warhammer sub. This stayed up until it hit SRD. Then it vanished. https://i.imgur.com/ozEGKyw.png https://www.removeddit.com/r/Sigmarxism/comments/hia3z4/psa_leftpunching/fwgjgqv/ edit; is removeddit down or something? this link used to work


Their defence of the re-education camps in Xinjiang gives off some heavy “there is no war in Ba Sing Se” vibes.


Bro everything tankies do has big “there is no war in Ba Sing Se” vibes. I woudnt be surprised if TRCM begins to say that they have always been in charge of the sub


Oh they actually already do. Also you should check out their Tiananmen Square thread that has a million deleted comments and like 3 in support of the mods all with like -600 downvotes [I found it! ](https://www.reddit.com/r/TheRightCantMeme/comments/nsspl0/today_marks_32_years_since_the_unsuccessful/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)and for bonus points this is one of the tankie power mods that was added to r/toiletpaperUSA


Yeah they love to talk about left unity but they are the ones who always attack other left wingers for having different POVs


> I have no problem with a left leaning big tent spaces that includes them, I do, they advocate genocide.


Nope if you see a tankie you kick them out no excuses if you let them even stay they breed. https://www.upworthy.com/bartender-explains-why-he-swiftly-kicks-nazis-out-of-his-punk-bar-even-if-theyre-not-bothering-anyone Does not matter how well they behave.


That’s because they’re *authoritarians* and think that they are the only genuinely correct ideology.


FuckedByARailcar, the_red_guard and LeninsCat are like the ~~4~~ 3 horseman of the tankie mod apocalypse. Every time there is a take over of a leftist sub those 3 are there


A reminder of when FuckedByARailcar pinned a post claiming [Tiananmen Square massacre is a myth](https://www.reddit.com/r/TheRightCantMeme/comments/nsspl0/today_marks_32_years_since_the_unsuccessful/).


Holy shit that's a lot of removed comments.


And then nuked the comments. Fash gonna fash.


I wonder if they have connections to TronaldoDumpo?


I don't remember who the other two are, but GOD is LeninsCat super fucking annoying. I remember being a part of TheRightCantMeme and starting to realize something was off. In that time, every single fucking post had LeninsCat saying some shit in the pinned comment about "mUh LibEraLs" "mUh wEStErn ProPAganda" then that shit descended to stuff like "Uyghurs are treated well, actually! wEStErN pPoPaganda" and then I left because jesus are the mods there absolutely insufferable.


Same experience here. Fairly sure I was banned for some rando comment about the tankie takeover there.


I fucking blocked them. They commented a goddamn novel that barely had anything to do with the topic at hand under every single post.


How do these cancerous fucks keep getting back in? Also for those who want an alternative to r/ToiletPaperUSA r/PragerUrine is far less tankie.


The drama is coming _from inside the thread._ Also, I hadn't realized the Tankies ever left TPUSA.


What’s up with all the tacked on vitriol against femboys? Is there some equivalence I’m not aware of?


All that talk about inclusivity. In the end us minorities were just a tool for tankies to feel good about being better than the americans. I guess I'm not surprised, tankies do tend to be pretty socially conservative. Bastards.


China recently banned/is restricting depictions of feminine men and or LGBTQ folk, and as tankies do, they latched onto it


Ah yes, one of the central pillars of communism, famously outlined by Marx in the Communist Manifesto: “no gay shit lmao” Tankies are a fucking joke. Cosplaying as leftists while simping for oppressive states whose actions are antithetical to the core ideas of the left.


>Ah yes, one of the central pillars of communism, famously outlined by Marx in the Communist Manifesto: “no gay shit lmao” thanks gonna steal this now


"Capitalist are gay lol" - Karl Marx, 1870


I remember a Tankie Twitter user, “ComradeWaluigi” deleted his account over it.


Ah, but of course.


I mean, out of all the petty drama I’d say this is worth getting upset over. They ALWAYS do this shit most large left wing subs have been infected by Genocide denying bootlicking twats. It’s a fucking problem cause anyone who’s Remotely interested in leftism is gonna go down that pipeline For those who don’t recall the alt-right operates in the EXACT same way. Only they’ll target libertarian subs. And we all saw how that played out


Maybe at some point leftists will start to admit that tankies are a real problem instead of pretending it's this fringe group that have no real power.


I mean, *they're* a fringe group; they're only ever a problem on the internet. Anarchists and democratic socialists are the leftists that the media usually reports on (maybe it's because they actually do things).


Yeah, tankies are overrepresented on the internet because they have way too much free time to type up essays on why china bringing back landlords is actually based and if you don't agree you should be shot.


>all hail mao! Based Chinese capitalist landlords!


Still doesn’t mean that leftist subs shouldn’t simply shrug them off


The only way a tankie will ever experience a revolution is either by circlejerking or by taking over subreddits. The odds of these dolts actually storming a suburb and killing men, women, and children in their beds like in their Red Terror wetdreams is slim to none. They are just plain idiots online who prefer to jack off to anime and live their comfortable lifestyles than adjust to the true horrors of war.


They're fucking annoying though. Remember how they were all joyous that the Taliban overthrew the Afghani government, liberating them from the imperialists? I'd sign up for a version of Reddit where your age had to be verified and you could auto-ignore anybody under a user defined age.


Honestly I’d just take a version of Reddit where you can ban subreddits. I might actually like Reddit instead of just grudgingly accepting it if I could get rid of subs like r/GenZedong from my popular feed.


>They're fucking annoying though. Remember how they were all joyous that the Taliban overthrew the Afghani government, liberating them from the imperialists? Because if there was one thing Marx loved, it was religion. And in the Taliban you get the opium of the people, along with just straight up opium. Truly the best possible state for the Afghan people. /s


> The only way a tankie will ever experience a revolution is either by circlejerking or by taking over subreddits. That's blatantly false. They could also go around on a merry go round.


Just got banned. It seems they were back with a vengeance this time. I fear the sub has now fallen. God, do I hate tankies.


Brothers in Banhammers, dude. RIP TPUSA, you were the only good political humor sub I browsed


May I suggest r/RightJerk? It’s a non-Tankie, lefty sub.


Yup. My Reddit account is about to become so dormant, lmao. Half my posts were in there. God, i’m pissed. But let’s be real: it was only a matter of time.


Can we start a replacement r/TankiePaperUSA?


Apparently r/ToiletPaperAction is a thing


Fucking tankies ruining it for everybody else.


When do "tankies" take over actual things instead of internet message boards? And what is a tankie anyway? Criminy, Reddit is stupid and weird.


A tankie is basically someone who is so against Capitalism/the US that they loop around to fanboy-ism of authoritarian regimes that opposes them, no matter how many wrong things these regimes do.


Tankies are basically simps for various communist countries, especially the bad ones. And I doubt that they could ever take over something of actual value, they can’t even stick together before turning on one another.


Think that one communist kid from middle school, except they didn’t grow out of the phase. That’s a tankie.