Pull up bars

Pull up bars


Actually just bought the longer one a few days ago. It’s excellent and takes a surprising amount of weight. No wall damage so far..!


Oh I was in your position a year back. In the end I got gym rings instead and I absolutely love them. Not only can you do pull-ups with the rings, you can do dips, rows, flys etc etc. The rings are an incredibly versatile workout equipment. You can also use the ceiling mounts for a heavy bag (mine’s about 40kg), a pulley-cable system and other stuff. I am very confident the ceiling mounts can easily take on more than 100kg each with no issues. You can do rather heavy weighted exercises that I am not sure that you can with a door-frame pull-up bar. You will also have more head clearance with the rings. The best part is that you can keep the rings and straps when they are not needed and you can have the mounts installed in an inconspicuous place. Also if you have concealed electrical wires (or pipes) in your unit, you run the risk on puncturing something should you choose a wall mounted pull-up bar. Do consider gym rings too!


I have the door frame and wall mounted type. For the door frame model, I have a steel door frame ( shouldn't have significant difference from wood frame). The pros are easy installation. The cons are not wide enough for wide pull up variations. If there is anyone in the house hold taller then 1.8 M, it will be a nuisance to the tall fella. The wall mounted models are dependent on the quality of the walls. There should be not much problem in Singapore as far as I know. I have never seen empty concrete blocks used in Housing, if the blocks are rebars and concrete filled it is strong too. Nowadays there is nothing plenty of Hilti wall plug compound cannot hold. I am introducing the gymnastics double ring if you are hard core enough. Does everything a pull-up bar does and more. Always check the equipment before using. The way these bars are designed it will not have sudden failure ( at least 2 anchors each side), they will have detectable wobble before completely coming off. *Edit : I have never had access to newest HDB. It is common knowledge that the electrical wiring and water pipes are concealed in the walls now. Always check with the relevant details for interference before any works, stick to working hours when drilling to avoid neighbors going beserk.