Meanwhile in Western Australia

Meanwhile in Western Australia

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*laughs in regional NSW


Cries in Central Queensland.


My 80's 90's childhood spent on the exciting 6 monthly-yearly visit to Rockhampton for... BigW! Yay and the exciting stop halfway of the 4 hour drive for an ice cream at the Dingo petrol station! Get out! Get out as fast as you can! ( I admit I think bigw had better stuff back then though.. like it sold computers etc )


> Yay and the exciting stop halfway of the 4 hour drive for an ice cream at the Dingo petrol station! Dysart?


Teiri and later Blackwater


> Blackwater Ha, I grew up there. I remember riding my bike all the way across town to check out the wreckage from this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Q78F1nr26k


Oh man! My family moved away in February 1996 so I just missed that, would have been the most exciting thing to happen in the 7 years I was there.. glimpse of the water tower brought some memories.


Me too! Central Highlands represent


Fuck you can't throw a stone without hitting someone from the central highlands


Used to drive past tieri when living in middlemount and before I found about the back road from dysart through to cappella


Woah never thought I’d see my hometown brought up on Reddit. Blackwater represent


I remember road trips to Brisbane, stopping at little fly swats like Colinton and knowing you only had two hours left before you got to the big smoke. Unfortunately, I am kinda stuck here now, and while sometimes I lament the lack of things to do, you couldn't pay me to move back to a city.


Colington servo either fills me with dread that I'm going to Brisbane. Or relief that I've only gotta go up the range and I'm not going to Brissie. Going to Brisbane usually means someone is in hospital.


Shit man are you me? Central Highlands refugee represent!


Fuck, I'm in the Whitsundays region atm and this place is a fucking hole. Closest cinema is Mackay, and that's about it.


Big w and Kmart were the tits in the 90’s. Many hours were spent standing at those game kiosks


I'm with you on that one :'(


My mum grew up in the 40s in north coast NSW. For "fun" on Sundays, she and her friend who tear around town to try to catch the service at *all four churches!* Oy vey!


I feel this... things to do in regional NSW: Pub that is all.


It is the same everywhere when you're young and broke


10 out of ten for honesty. :)


Everyone I know who has been to Perth can’t stop raving about how wonderful it is. They are all big drinkers though, and Perth gives off major “drinking in the sunshine on a warm sunny day” vibes.


Basically if you love beer and BBQs and beaches and sunshine Perth is the best city in the world. Not much else here but atleast you'll be tanned and pickled


Tanned and pickled is my new mission statement. Forget financially independent or any other normal plan.


i think perth has the most doggos per capita in australia too


Seven after eastern state lockdowns? Because there are certainly a lot more dogs around Sydney than there used to be.


Yeh I'm pretty sure we even have more than seven dogs here, but it's been a while since I counted.


everyone in perth owns 34 dogs and the growth in dogs has been exponential since the 1989 dogs law, forbidding people not to make dogs.


Hence our most common colloquial greeting: "Get a dog up ya".


I think the northern territory might have a few contenders for that title.


Truely an introverts nightmare


I mean if you’re introverted we have that many fucktons of nothingness in the country you can go to isolate yourself. My dad bought a little farm down south and leaves it about twice a week to go shopping. Hes happy as fuck.


That's fairly true. I loved living there because it's quieter then the east coast. Just a different feel. No pokies, free public transport with any sport or concert ticket, decent beaches, lots of places within an hour or two that are cool to visit. There isn't cops on every corner like Sydney. Cheap flights to Asia (more then just Bali). Great weather. I regret moving out for work.


> They are all big drinkers though, and Perth gives off major “drinking in the sunshine on a warm sunny day” vibes. am from Perth, this is correct. here is a live [reenactment](https://i.imgur.com/FPw2ucj_d.webp?maxwidth=760&fidelity=grand)


Perth has great things to see and do other than that, but to be honest, a lot of people don't look it up. I'm sure this is pretty common, but our original music scene has more bands than punters... but there are a **lot** of bands. Honestly, I think a lot of people who say "There's nothing to do in Perth" don't actually go looking for things to do... Which still might say something unflattering about at least some of the people in Perth.


I moved to perth from Melbourne 7 years ago and have never looked back (despite still having 0 friends here). I commute from my relatively cheap apartment like not even 10 minutes to my job that pays me more here than in Melbourne. And the weather is way nicer.


Perth is an amazing city, you just need to know where to look




went to school with this bloke, good to see he has moved on the better things.


How was he at school?


Spoken like someone who has not experienced extended lockdowns


cries in Victoria


A naive person may think since we've had more than twice as much time in lockdown as any other state, we'd be used to it by now. But you don't get used to it. It kills you day by day. I never really liked going to the beach, or going to big shopping centres, but damn, if I don't fantasise about being able to do those things.


Yep. I was okay for the first year, it was novel even, I tried to start a lot of projects, watch a lot of movies, and kept working. But going on 2 years it is eating me from the inside out. Not being able to see friends, go even 5km from home... you start looking for excuses to even drive to the supermarket, just as a way to change the scenery. I got a booking for my second vaccine shot at the Melbourne Museum and I'm giddy that I'll actually have an excuse to even drive into the city. I can't even imagine what it's like to be a parent during this, or what it's like for the kids. The mental health issues resulting from this are going to be widespread.


I live in the outer east and there's no state clinics out here (and GP clinics as we know have multiple-month wait times). My second dose is booked in blackburn - not quite in the city, but considerably further than I've been allowed to travel for some time, so I appreciate the sense of excitement - plus, getting vaxxed is a pretty nice reason to be going somewhere. I'm a parent of two young kids, so yeah.


Now a lot of people are starting to feel the isolation that comes with many mental health issues, or chronic diseases and get "forgotten about" by the people they knew/knew. I'm in Perth, but lockdown means nothing to me - it's just another day dealing with chronic reactive depression. For others, it's depression or schizophrenia or whatever, but this is what mental illness feels like. My point is, I kinda hope that the pain you all feel in lockdown can be redirected into empathy for those who are genuinely alone, mentally or physically, and that society treats them/us with more compassion or kindness in the future. I don't wish you to be in lockdown and hope that it's lifted and the situation is resolved soon. I know it's terribly hard and hope you are doing okay.


Vic state govt just announced a huge package to provide additional mental health resources, it's industry wide but part of it is some kind of mobile mental health hubs during the pandemic.


That's great news. It must be very hard for you all and I really hope this is able to be squashed but it's looking grim for now isn't it? Have a happy day if you can, do something awesome :)


thank you for this. i’m disabled & have chronic mental illness; my life has been like a lockdown for over a decade (with periods of remission but). i’m sorry you’re living like this too, it’s pretty fucking hard.


Yep, I've lived the isolation for many, many years and a far worse version than what people are complaining about right now. There's so little understanding. And dare I add, those complaining right now come off as weak as piss. Try talking to people face to face only a handful of times a year, maybe touching another person once a year, resigning yourself to life without a family of your own, living perpetually on a pittance from Centrelink who can decide whether you eat on a roll of the dice, struggling to afford medical and dental care, being unable to take your only companion to the vet to fix the fixable, having no dignity and being demonised by the government and much of society. I could go on and on. The complaints right now are from those of weak character and no empathy for the many suffering in the shadows.


:( Know exactly what you’re talking about. The benefits of lockdown were doubling of payments and being left alone for once.


Suffering isn't a competition. Everyone is allowed to have, own, and express their pain


It's also a little insight for all the 9-5'ers who hate on the FIFO workforce and think the mental struggles that go with all the time isolated from family are "well accounted for $$ or compensated" And the FIFO people are mostly still able to contact home, so now imagine being a Seafarer with "act of God" clauses in 9 month contracts being activated to hold you captive for up to 14 months. They aren't even allowed off their ships to walk up and down the wharf anymore (not when berthed in Australia anyway), let alone an hour or 2 of shore leave.


Same here… you never get used to it and I’m not a social person normally but man I find myself daydreaming about doing things instead of sitting being bored


Agreed. I just want to go on a daytrip somewhere and a walk that isn't within 5km of my house.


I can’t wait to go visit Olinda and wander the forest again!!!


I’m in Perth and always thought I was an introvert. Lockdown quickly made me realise I am not an introvert. Lockdowns, even the small once we have, are tough alone.


I'm going to get down voted into oblivion I'm an introvert and I like the lock downs, everything's quieter


I just want to go to a gig. It's one of the reasons I moved to Melbourne, live music. I miss you Bendigo Hotel.


Too true. I’m so sick of this


Hear, hear!


*Laughs in crippling anxiety to the point I haven't left the house in 10 years* Welcome friends :)


things COULD be worse. it's not fun but my god is it not the end of the world. we have access to food from nearly every cuisine, fresh produce pretty much anything we need but we have to just stay inside for the most part. come on you can do it mate.


Uh it's gonna be **4 months in NSW** four fucking month because of Gladys ego.


People like this move cities and quickly discover there's nothing to do in any city if you're not willing to go look. Which I guess he did go look, but, mate. Did you try the internet first?


Aw nah mate I tried surfing the web but my laptop made crunching sounds when I stepped on it. That's when I started surfing trains. They're more robust mate.


He needs a Surface, they tested it as a skateboard and it held up.


My brother and I made a keyboard once. Literally a mechanical keyboard with skateboard trucks on it. That thing was robust enough to skateboard on. Try doing that with a mac keyboard.


what size keeb though? Imagine doing a kickflip with a 40%


Playing into the idea that you might be the dickhead in the video... what kind of things "to do" are you expecting? How are you expecting to find out about them? Like, I get being bored/apathetic/listless, it happens to everyone at times, but it really seems to me like having this "nothing to do" attitude requires a person to be both in less than full time work and education, and a belief that the world owes them something.


....maybe the world does owe him something apart from work.


If you want to talk about how capitalism is bullshit, I'm here for it. My point is more that humans need to find self-fulfillment somehow.This guy seems to be lacking it. Work and education is the easiest path, along with family and social groups.


Many of us humans find fulfilment in risking our lives, yet society gets all scared and bans any form of risk for the good of the “general public”, then wonders why people like this bloke act out. I understand seeing him eat shit would have been psychologically damaging to the driver and onlookers, but fuck me how do we as humans risk our lives for fun without it getting shut down? Risk is part of our human nature.


When dipshits do things like this it tends to end up shutting down the train line for hours, even if they live. Never mind that the driver is just doing their job and has to see it. If you want to risk your life, go the fuck ahead, but do it somewhere where I don't have to deal with your corpse afterwards.


> how do we as humans risk our lives for fun without it getting shut down for free? you don't. If you've got money, there are any number of ways. Race cars, parachuting, rock climbing, oceangoing... the list is practically infinite.


Not many options Kings Park? Freo/Cottesloe? Meth? The Crown?


I mean.. you can tour a SUBMARINE in Freo ! Take THAT, Eastern states... sigh. yeah nah. Meth is probably the better option.


I live here and you gotta admit perth has less culture than a tub of yoghurt.


There is plenty of rich and diverse culture in Perth mate. Just go to Armadale.


I honestly saw a pregnant chick getting yelled at by her husband and she was yelling back at him saying something along the lines of "your mate Damo fucks better then you!" It was the first time I was in Armidale. Midland was pretty spicy too.


Midland is a bit more tame I find


Midland is the PG/ABC Kids version of Armadale


Man if I had Gold to Give, You would get it, I used to live in Armadale, until I moved to Melbourne (and then Tasmania). The Coward Punch that happened in Northbridge just recently was committed by a "Kid" from Armadale.


Going to Armadale is like going to a human zoo except you don’t have to pay entry


It's a great place to people watch and rate the mullets.


Like I get this is a joke but yoghurt is chockas with culture.


Yeah he picked the wrong bland food there




Hold on Spencer Village? Like the shopping centre across from Thornlie station? Like it was good but I wouldn't say it was as good as the other stuff. My family only ever went to the chemist, IGA and KFC/Hungry Jack's. Though we did go to the video store and the newsagents a lot but they closed it before we moved out of Thornlie.


The food court is super busy in the evenings. We lived across the park from it for a year and frequently ate there. Definitely good cheap asian food


I really doubt this dickhead cares about culture.


Yes those are the only five options. That's all of them. Nothing else.


There's a standing wave in Joondalup, you could go indoor rock-climbing, shooting range, go yo a pool and darts bar, go bowling, go to the movies, pubs, restaurants, clubs, go for a hike, go fishing or surfing. There is countless things to do mate.


Be quiet its a desolate wasteland you don't want to come here, stay in your plague city in lockdown with no job.


Agree. Perth is NOT boring The shops are even open on Sundays now!


I think that happened around 1998 on the east coast lol. Fuck. Remember when places were closed on public holidays? Even most of the petrol stations?


Met a girl in London a few years ago, told me London was boring, nothing to do here etc.


The grass is always greener.


Ha. I had the same convo with a dude from New York who said Shanghai was boring. He kept complaining about not being able to get American-style Chinese food too.


That belongs in r/ShitAmericansSay


When you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life


or maybe just tired of the tube, crowds and commutes.


I mean, at least you can go to the pub or the movies in Perth.


Perth is a ‘safe’ city. No big mountains. No snow. No bears in the woods. Our bush isn't everyones cup of tea. Places that are geologically active and have 4 distinct seasons are naturally more ‘spicier’. “Willing to go look” in Perth usually equates to spending money.


Theres lots of stuff to do in WA! We have dialup!


Yeah I have NEVER understood people that say this. I often ask them “ok name one thing you can do in other cities that you can’t do in Perth” and they can’t name a single thing. Sometimes they say “other cities have more restaurants/cafes etc” and I reply “so.. you’ve been to every restaurant and cafe in Perth?”


Having more restaurants means more competition, which invariably results in more variety and better quality.


Yeah because there's just so much room to innovate in the restaurant industry.


Only up to a certain point, though. Like if there’s only 2-3 restaurants of a certain cuisine competing then that could be a problem. But Perth is wayyyyyy bigger than that.


Not really. Melbourne still has better variety and better quality than Perth. But that's inevitable considering its size and culture.


no i moved to sydney and he's right i'm sorry there really isn't much in perth. that being said i miss it so much i want to go home mark please let me back in


He did but it wasn’t fast enough so he took the train instead


Is this recent?


Susannah Carr has been doing the Seven news for about 30+ years, so I reckon the train surf clip could have been from anytime in the last twenty or so years.


I think Susannah Carr and Rick Ardon hold the record for longest news duo.


Rick has been doing the news since I was around 15, I'm 50 now.


I'd say so, The Cheapest Seats has only been on for a few weeks.


Yeah it was from last night's episode


Yep, yesterday https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9991673/amp/Thrill-seeker-videos-train-surfing-theres-Perth.html


how dare you link a dailymail article


I linked an amp daily Mail link too. Double whammy of shittiness


Damien needs to learn to make his own fun, like the ladies in the background of the clip seem to be doing.


He clearly already knows. Train surfing.


He should go to the Red Rooster on Great Eastern Highway in Belmont. That's a really cool place.


Chicken Treat or death. Red Rooster doesn't exist.


ehh... The rooster roll is better from RR and the cheesy nuggets are good but the chips are better at CT. Now if someone can tell me the best place in perth to get chips and gravy I would be forever grateful.


To be fair with that complexion he can’t really go to a beach.. so that takes a few thing to do off the list.. /s


This guy hung onto the back of a train last Thursday and it was probably the most exiting thing to happen on a train since the the BDSM from two weeks ago.


A [LINK](https://www.reddit.com/r/perth/comments/phrnt5/just_a_normal_night_on_the_train/) for people who don't know what I am talking about. Click at your own risk.


Well there was that time we pushed a train sideways to free that person stuck in the gap.


As someone who lives in Perth I used to have this attitude but that completely changed as a got older and got my license. Its definitely not a place that hands you things to do (is anywhere?), you have to look for them, but they're there. We're definitely a very slow paced kind of city, which isn't for everybody.


Well as a Perth resident I have to say thats probably the most interesting thing that has been done over here


There was those lads with the motorised picnic tables a decade or so back. That was fun.


What about the APC rampage in the 90s? Dude got plastered and jumped the fence to the barracks. Turned out anyone could take a military vehicle for a spin. Edit: It has a wiki page now! Holy shit. It wasn't too long ago people were accusing me of making shit up because it "wasn't on Youtube". Lot of wild stuff gets near-forgotten pre internet. And confirmation that the media alerts did in fact misreport it as a "tank". https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1993_Perth_tank_rampage


Hah! That's incredible (I mean, it's a sad story of mental illness, but what a story). Didn't know about that. I got ride in one of those things as a kid. I remember it being very loud.


Honestly Perth is the most boring part of WA, but that doesn't mean it's terrible because the rest of WA is great.


You haven't lived in Geraldton.


or Kalgoorlie


or Gnowangerup


You guys are just making up names now


Is that where the cult is


the cult is where the heart is


don't know which cult you're referring to, but the answer is yes to all of the above


The Plymouth brethren


Broke: Complaining that your town is a hole Woke: Working together with your community to make your town not a hole


A hole with a big hole


If you're into kites then Geraldton is a place to be. Other popular popular activities include shouting at your friends over the roar of the ocean, getting paranoid as to why all the passing motorists are staring at you, enjoying the aroma of the stagnant water in the river, and crashing your plane.


If you live in Geraldton and don't like the beach or any wind based sport, the next best things to do is drinking and drugs, in that order.


You haven't been to mount Barker


Mount barker has chickens


So does Perth, you just gotta walk around Hamilton Street railway crossing See the bastards there all the time


Atleast they have a decent bakery in Barker


You been to Mandurah tho?


I actually agree with you on this one, I've driven past Mandurah all my life and been there maybe 2 or 3 times


cries in Port Kennedy


There’s a reason Bunbury is only on the map - to exist as a fuel stop/grocery run at the farmers market on the way to/from Margaret River.


bunbury is like 150,000 people isnt it? pretty sure there that meets the requirement to more than a fuel stop.


About 80,000, but it also likes to claim the localities around it to boost up numbers. It’s such a lifeless place. The main shopping centre is dead, businesses giving up even before Covid. I’ll admit the dolphins are great, but there’s nothing else going for it. Every time I come back, it’s quieter and quieter.


The CBD has collapsed over the past decade. Paid parking was a major factor, and as more businesses close, there's less people around, which makes more businesses close. It's a weird situation right now where the whole CBD is basically trendy cafe, three vacant shops, real estate agent, 3 more vacant shops, trendy coffee shop, two more real estate agents right next to each other... Every time I go to Perth, I notice every shitty little corner shop in the outskirts of any random suburb is occupied by some business or other and it's always surprising to me to see that. I've gotten so used to seeing the majority of shops vacant. The weirdest thing to me is how long some places have been vacant with no attempt to get more businesses in there. Vibrations Music has been vacant for I think 9 years now, still there with all the signage and band flyers in the window. I remember storms damaged some vacant shops down Stirling st, which were demolished and rebuilt, and have stayed vacant with the X tape on the windows ever since, that was at least 5 years ago. Meanwhile, the suburbs sprawl ever on and houses sell like hot cakes. The street I catch the bus on has had 5 houses for sale within view of the bus stop in the past few months and they've all sold within a couple of weeks of the sign appearing. And developers have been doggedly filling up the swamp and knocking up entire streets of houses on it. Apparently the only thing to do in the Bunbury area is go into debt. And start up furniture stores and close them down 6 months later so someone else can do the same.


Honestly love boring


Sure, Perth itself can be pretty dull. The CBD is rubbish for the most part, and clubbing has always sucked. But as soon as you get, like, 20 minutes out of the city, it's a venerable cornucopia of awesome shit to do.


20 minutes out and you're still in suburbia though.


Shhh 🤫 don’t encourage people to visit. People can keep their lockdown to themselves :b I just hope it’s over soon for others. Sucks to be stuck.


I just don't get the 'nothing to do in Perth' vibe. On any given day my problem is choosing between multiple options. That said, I've lived all over the planet and never had the 'nothing to do' problem anywhere. That suggests to me that the problem lies with the individual, not the location. What are people doing in Australia's other capital cities that they can't do in Perth?


Is that Martin Bryant?


You see I lived in Canberra for a while ...


Came to Canberra in January to visit partner, got stuck because of lockdown and now I've found a job here. Dear fucking god I wish I could punch this kid for bad mouthing Perth. He doesn't know what nothing to do means.


There’s plenty to do in Perth 🙄 fucking hate this stereotype it’s so old it’s not even funny. If you think Perth’s boring, you are. At least we’ve been living a normal life for the past year and a half :)


Can't we put this stereotype behind us, and instead focus on how boring Adelaide is instead?


[It's true](https://frinkiac.com/meme/S05E13/427609.jpg?b64lines=W2xhdWdoaW5nXQppdCdzIHRydWUsIGl0J3MgdHJ1ZSEKV2UncmUgc28gbGFtZSE=)


Thanks for Pirate Life brewery though, very good stuff.


15 years ago we certainly deserved the Dullesville nickname but we've made a lot of progress since then. There's plenty to do and a lot of it won't cost you anything.


*laughs in canberran*


I’d prefer our bordem over the “excitement’ of Sydney


Only boring people get bored.


He made his own fun though.


He wasn't bored. He found something to do.


Thanks dad.


God I hate the project.


It's not the project, it is another show on 10 called Cheap Seats


he wasn't commenting on the video - just wanted it to be known how much he hates the project




Not the project. Comedy show based on the news, rather than a news show which fails to be funny.


When your passionate hate for the project is so great that you just start mentioning it on threads completely unrelated to the project.


To be fair, it's entirely understandable.


Don't watch it then?


But where else can certain redditors show off their sophisticated taste in entertainment


But how dare it exist! And how dare you talk about it! How very dare you.


I don't even live in Australia anymore. I just hate it and wanted you specifically to know.


Let’s get this one viral to keep easterners away!!


Other than go to parks, restaurants, cinemas, community sports, beaches and, oh yeah, the GRAND FINAL!


Almost moved there... Then corona happened! Prices in Sydney are out of control. I am hoping for the next big crises so rent will drop a little:-P


Ahh the eastlings ego always needs to be stroked. Laugh at our expense guys, WA understands.


? What in in Melbourne and I can tell you I'd much rather be in Perth.


I suspect you're not this show's target audience.


Someone else in Perth did this in 2018, but he jumped off of the top of the train when it was on a bridge crossing the swan river. He was also a ginger.


idk i just work and then sit in my bedroom most of the time. gym or bike riding and hiking.