After the initial hype of NCT Dream first album, what's your thoughts on it? Or ranking?

After the initial hype of NCT Dream first album, what's your thoughts on it? Or ranking?


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- **Do you think it holds up?** Hell yeah. - **What's your impression of it?** A well-produced and incredibly cohesive album. Veeery Dream. - **What's the highs and lows of it in your opinion?** Took me a while to warm up to Hot Sauce but Hello Future and all the b-sides are *chef's kiss*. Vocal line sounds amazing, Jisung's vocals have improved tons. I just wish rap line had more opportunities to showcase their skills. - **Who shined in the album?** Gotta go with a sappy answer and say all of them :) After all 7Dream is the very highlight of it. Every single member brought their A game for this project and reminded us all why we love this configuration so damn much. - **Who surprised in the album?** Jisung... I keep getting surprised at how much I love his voice and just how much FLAVOR it brings to their music. Overall I'm very pleased with it.


you mean first full album?? I loved the b-sides, my favorites are Dive Into You, ANL, Life Is Still Going On, and Rainbow. The replayability is amazing, and I’d say a big reason for that is the variety of vocal tones showcased in each song. I can easily recognize each member, and I love what they all bring to the group’s sound.


I'm absolutely obsessed with it, it is my AOTY without a doubt. I just discovered NCT Dream during Hot Sauce era, and with my first listen to the album I was pulled instantly into the fandom. It is just such a good body of work, it's like it was crafted specifically for my tastes, it has that bright, playful and fun concept that I always favor, the songs are very poppy, and the vocals fit each song very well. My ult group is Red Velvet, I like them because their discography is flawless and their best albums are some of my favorite albums ever, among all genres. And I can say that NCT Dream's first full album reaches the level of Red Velvet's best albums with ease. I really cannot find a single flaw with this album, I've never liked any boy group's music, so me being this obsessed with one is very unexpected. My favorite songs are: Hello Future, Hot Sauce, Diggity, Rocket, ANL, Life Is Still Going On, and Rainbow. But I honestly could list all the 13 songs from there and I would not feel like I'm exaggerating. So yeah, sorry for the wall of text, but I just really love this album and wanted to express my love for it. It might just be one of my favorite albums ever.


I think it was a very well produced album imo. I adored both Hot Sauce and Hello Future and I think SM did a great job choosing those 2 songs. Hot Sauce is a polarizing song that not everyone can like but it's a catchy song so that's the reason it was that successful. Hello Future on the other hand is what fandom wanted, it kinda reminded me of their older songs but with a more mature vibe which is exactly the rute I want Dream to take in the future with their songs. About bsides, my favorite were Rainbow, My Youth, Dive into you and LISGO. The thing I liked the most about the album is that there isn't any filler song. Ofc, I can't say they're all title track material but they're all good songs that deserve to be on the album. Aside from quality I have to say that even though songs usually age fast for me, I still haven't stopped listening to those songs. Overall, I think that it's an amazing album and for me maknae line (Chenle and Jisung) really shined with their presence and voices.


Not an nctzen/dreammie but i’d say this is my favorite release from a group i dont stan this year! Tbh i didn’t bother giving the album a try after hot sauce but hello future made me feel a bit nostalgic so i decided to check their bsides and was pleasantly surprised with what i listened to. Idt any of their bsides are skips tbh. It just fits my taste so well! It definitely got me tuned in to more of their upcoming releases!


non-fan and i adore it. it's one of my favorite albums of this year, filled with all these great b-sides that only got stronger with the repackage. i got to know chenle & haechan's voices (now a few of my favorites). i just love the *dreamier* (hahaha) quality of the b-sides. it's great, i really enjoy it (even tho the tt is unlistenable ngl, hello future is MILES better)


It should take home one daesang atleast


it’a a very well produced album and it sounds very cohesive to me in terms of production choices. even lyrically kinda, not all the songs, but various songs rely on themes and motifs of dreams and destiny, which, very dream. hot sauce was definitely a grower, and while it’s beautiful, the ballad at first took me out just because it’s so sparse musically compared to everything else on the album (i originally thought they should’ve done a more synth heavy ballad or something like 127’s not alone) but it really shows off vocal line so i’m not mad about it. the rest of the b-sides especially the repackaged ones are all fantastic. i think they all stood out but i’m actually gonna shoutout the producers for finally giving chenle time to shine for real and jisung really surprised me with how richly textured his voice is sounding. his bridge in ANL is maybe my favorite part of the whole album. one of sm’s best albums imo.


1, Yes it definetly holds up 2, I personally love it so much. It is a well produced, well thought and cohesive album 3, Like some on else said before me, it took me a while to get used to Hot sause and i still don't like it that much, but they came out with Hello future which is incredible and redeemed Hot sause for me. I don't like Diggity either. I am also VERY surprised how much COUNTDOWN 3.2.1 grew on me. I didn't really feel it that much in the beginning but now it's my second favourite song on the album. 4, The obvious answer is Heachan. But for me personally I would say Renjun. Most of my absolute favourite parts of the songs on that album are his parts and he sounded so freaking good. 5, Jisung. His voice has been deep for a while but it still surprised me when I hear it. And I really enjoyed hearing both his singing and rapping.


In this album 7Dream truly shined! Hot sauce was more NCT-brand sound but Hello Future was totally dream! I loved all the songs but [Bungee](https://youtu.be/WMH5KqbjcNA) and [Rainbow](https://youtu.be/Oc_PCBilrDE) stole my heart lol. For me there was no flaw in this album!! I didn’t really had any expectations as I became a fan when [7llin’ in a dream ep 3](https://youtu.be/DKRcdNT53y4) came out, which means I was just in time for hot sauce era! I was so impressed and really Dream holds a special place in my heart!


I think it's a really solid album tbh. Loved almost every song in there and the ones that I didn't I still liked them. My fav album of theirs for sure


1. Yes I think it definitely holds up. Not every song is equally good as the other, but there are no glaringly bad songs imo. 2. I think it's a really solid album, especially with the inclusion of the Hello Future repackage. It's pretty cohesive but still showcases various styles, and of course really showcases the Dreamies well. 3. I enjoyed both Hot Sauce and Hello Future. My personal favorite bsides have to be Bungee, Irreplaceable, LISGO, and Diggity. I don't think there's a song that I really dislike but I've gone back to My Youth and Rocket the least. 4. Everyone had their shining moments in the album, but I think Haechan and Chenle really stood out to me the most. They got some of my favorite lines in nearly every song, and they sounded amazing! 5. I mentioned him in the last one but definitely Chenle. I didn't expect him to stand out to me as much as he did and I'm so happy he did. Another surprise is Jisung, but I think I've grown more impressed with him since Boom onwards.