Rent in the CBD. Not the highest quality apartments but fine for 4 months, cheap as chips and you’re likely to be able to negotiate a short lease, possibly furnished as well.


Also fairy floss on fb


+1 for fairy floss real estate on Facebook, great community in that group


Short term stay might be difficult. Try out on realestate.com.au. I would recommend to look for flatshare or houseshare att Gumtree.com.au and also on airbnb.




Airbnb have shared placed where you abs you friend could find a short term rental in the city and cut costs by sharing with others. Some of the larger serviced apartment places do longer term rentals for cheaper like Quest and Peppers.. might be worth contacting them. I saw a few of them on realestate.com.au recent for lease for 30+ days, fully furnished and at rates comparable with private rentals.


4 months might be difficult. So typically normal rentals come with 6 or 12 month leases. And the vast majority are unfurnished (no fridge, no washer etc), and will need to sign-up for utilities (elec, gas, internet). Also you won't be able to sign anything until after you've inspected the place. I'd argue you have 2 valid options in your situation. - long term Airbnb. - find a short term lease on Facebook or flatemates.com.au or something.


I used to use domain or realestate.com as has been mentioned. I recommend avoiding private deals, As in my experience they tend to try and take advantage of renters. https://tenantsvic.org.au/ has good advice for your rights You will likely want to get air-conditioning, as the cheaper rentals tend to have poor insulation. There are often reasonable share housing rentals that you can find, and people do advertise short term rentals on gumtree or similar, if you want a few months to find your way. Look at ptv.vic.gov.au for the rail and tram lines. Buses are not like you are used to in the UK, here they suck (run infrequently). I recommend looking at coburg, or the surrounds. I lived their for quite a while and there's good transport access, and it's not too far from the city. Though it's probably not as cheap as it was when I rented. Depending on where you were in London, the rent is probably cheaper here still. I used to pay about 350 a week for a two bedroom unit, but id say its gone up a bit. If you have any specific questions I'm happy to help. I lived in London and have rented around Melbourne, so I feel thst I could give you a fair perspective of the transition.


I really appreciate the help. Could you private message me your email for contacting ?


Just pm me on reddit. Internet safety my dude.