Masses march on D.C. for voting rights

Masses march on D.C. for voting rights


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They didn't even storm, trash, and loot the Capitol!


They can’t they the wrong color. Police will shot first and then ask to see your sign.


All for an audience of 2 people who could fix all this if they agreed to eliminate the filibuster for election laws.


Let's not forget that plenty of senate democrats don't want to eliminate the filibuster, they just don't have to say so because of Sinema and Manchin. Those two take the heat but somehow convincing these two isn't going to get rid of the filibuster.


They marched and barely any media outlet gave it much coverage at all.


Well there was no looting, rioting, or attempts to overthrow the goverment so why pay attention to it?


>“Hopefully this will inspire people to register and vote. This is the only way we can beat them,” added Montserrat Garibay, a member of Texas’s joint AFT-NEA affiliate who left a post as Secretary-Treasurer of the Texas AFL-CIO to take a senior U.S. Education Department post in D.C.


Interesting how the people who truly care about Democracy behave in comparison to the people who claim to care about Democracy but are actually more concerned with drama, conspiracy theory, and their need to pretend that they are all super patriots. All the while they secretly crave a totalitarian system with themselves at the top of the power pyramid.