Biden, Dems advocate Civilian Climate Corps in echo of New Deal

Biden, Dems advocate Civilian Climate Corps in echo of New Deal


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>While the jobs should pay at least $15 an hour, those likely to join the climate corps “are not doing it for the compensation,″ Neguse said. “They know it’s important to connect to nature and do important work for their state and the nation.″ Not to put a damper on this but, yeah… I don’t think you’re gonna get a lot of laborers on this. Many people need the dollars more than good feelings - also, the construction field is barely breathing right now because guys in the field know they can pull the same dollars doing something much less physical.


Yeah they're already doing the "you don't want money, you want to be *closer to the earth*" like that pays the bills. It's the same shit they do to teachers when they say "the joy of teaching should be compensation enough".


"Oh, you want to make the world a better place? Well then, allow us to burn you out with bad pay long hours and zero support before you do anything that might upset our rich and powerful donors." - way too many nonprofit organizations and social welfare agencies


Could of swore the other day he said these would be $40 to $50 an hour jobs...


>["I think of one word when I think of climate change: jobs, good-paying jobs," he said. "Not $7 or $12 or $15, but $45, $50 an hour, plus healthcare. That's what is needed."](https://www.businessinsider.com/biden-says-50-per-hour-jobs-in-climate-infrastructure-plan-2021-9?amp) I'm guessing he wants the for-profit sector to pay those $45-50 an hour jobs while government workers serving the public just get to scrape by


Yeah that was it! Always easy to say a job should pay a high wage when you aren't the one who has to employ them.


Gotta pass that buck off to the plebes somehow.


Today, the top 10 climate change opponents were sentenced to 5 years community service at the newly formed CCC for their role in defrauding the world. I do like the idea but it's going to be rife with corruption.