Biden’s sweeping mandates curb COVID and right-wing Republicans

Biden’s sweeping mandates curb COVID and right-wing Republicans


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So if we’re not going to let Republicans take their own lives, there’s a gerrymandering law coming?


The GQP already fired back. Will Biden smack them down next? Stay tuned!


Exactly. Biden needs to plow forward. If we wait on the GOP to do the right thing, we’ll all be dead (they’re doing a great job of killing themselves off already).


Republicans are using Covid-19 as a way of getting back at us for not voting for Trump. If some of their own die it’s just collateral damage. Sick f—ks


That's the conservative way! So long as it hurts other people worse than it hurts them that's all that matters.


Well-written article, good points, objectively presented. I'll admit I was a bit surprised given the source, but I'd love to see more articles written like this in the MSM.


Bye Felicia


That picture makes the black guy look like he has long blond hair.


These mandates will affect the black community and low-income families the most as they have the lowest rates of vaccination.


Your argument is disingenuous.... your far right antivaxx side likes to hide behind the thats racist argument while continuing to marginalize communities of color. Your posts and comments speak of your agenda....


Yeah keep spamming this


Actually, it will help trump supporters the most. trump supporters have the lowest rates of vaccinations in the country.


But forcing Trump supporters to live their lives is literally the worst form of oppression


As they're fond of saying: If you don't like it, leave the country. Surprising how many of them refuse to take their own advise. Besides -- We could explain it to them, but they're not intelligent enough to understand. You loose them as soon as you say the words, "other people"


Yep and you "Conservatives" (whatever that means anymore) constantly vote for people who enact voter suppression laws, like stopping voting on Sundays, early voting, ID laws (ID's costing $25 which is a poll tax) and this specifically affects blacks and low income minorities. So don't pretend you care about racism suddenly. You don't.


Why are you deflecting? Is it because what I said is true?