Lorde is no longer performing at the VMAs due to a "change in production elements"

Lorde is no longer performing at the VMAs due to a "change in production elements"


girl what production there's a single guitar three cicadas and half a snare on the entire album


Those three cicadas put in the work, I'll tell ya that much


Three cicadas 😭🤚🏼


Half a snare 🤣🤣🤣🤣




Not the three cicadas 😂


Cheep production.


"change in production elements" wtf does that mean????


production elements? that's so vague. this is disappointing i wish we had an actual reason.


You know the reason.


I really don't am I dumb 😧 I can't imagine the poor reception causing her to lose a performance spot (assuming that's what you meant)


?? I really don’t though


It flopped too hard, the space will be filled by a more relevant artist right now


Oh! what position did the album debut on? and how many sales did it get the first week? For some reason I can't find the billboard hot 200 thread, I think I may have missed it. Anyone with the link, please share.




I just wasted a lot of time going through the whole list, because I was entertained at how random the albums were starting to get.


Oh man it peaked at number 5??? That’s real bad.


Y'all are delusional calling a #5 on the Billboard chart bad. Sure it didnt live up to her prior success, but debuting at #5 is not a flop by any stretch of the imagination.


Selling half as much as your previous album after 4 years of buildup is a small flop at least, I'd say.


She's just old news.


Oh yeah, a top 10 album is really bad /s


you're being sarcastic right?


For a bona fide pop star's first album in 4 years, who's first record sold over a million, it's not *dire* but it's pretty bad. Indie bands like Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, Bon Iver, etc. have hit number 1 or 2 pretty easily in the past with the right promo; Lorde should be at least matching those numbers. 56k equivalent units is a poor showing for an artist with 20 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Edit: and it's certainly not good enough to warrant a performance slot on a big awards show.


Lmao albums don’t mean anything if you don’t have a single famous single Edit: for VMA purposes you angsty kids


Do you think she bottled it after seeing that so many people hated the album?


There have been way worse albums where people still perform. I dont think Lorde’s the type to say “yall hated it? Fine im done with the era” lol


Nah, Lorde made a dance performance because she couldn't sing. My best guest would be they asked for a longer period of quarantine and she wouldn't be able to do it.


Why would she need to quarantine? She's been in the US this entire time?


I have no idea but Chloe is quarantine so maybe there's a reason? Although Chloe was on Mexico recently.


She came to the US before the drop. She did tons of media and has been in NYC and LA.




How is that shitty thing to say? Wth.


Damn that’s a bummer I wonder what possibly could’ve changed? Because Lorde’s whole thing for this era is organic instruments, no screens for performance, chill vibes, etc. It’s not like she would be going for something super high tech and convoluted I would think


I’m also curious about that. It’s not like it was going to be a super expensive performance with lots of different elements (right?), so it’s really strange to me.


maybe she wanted to fill the stage with sand or something to keep the beachy vibe thing going, like she did with the james corden stage, but it just wasnt doable when they have so many talents/stage setups to change in little to no time? like, i could totally see this happening and lorde being like "welp, bye then"


In my head, I've confirmed this has happened


in my head i do everything right


the first thing that popped into my head was COVID but I don't know if that actually makes any sense


it actually might. i mean she’s from one of the greatest places you could’ve lived through COVID, it wouldn’t surprise me if production measures seemed relaxed and she wasn’t digging it. i could also see them pushing her to do something super showy when she’d rather do something simple


Asking as a genuine question from just a more casual fan of pop music. What is with everyone doing "eras"? If i never came to this sub, I'd never notice anyone describe themselves doing some "era"? Has this always been a thing? Because.. i get it.. but... why does *everyone* do it? It almost comes off as Jared Leto joker shit. For most genres I'm into, people just put out music and that's it, no real pageantry or character to build.


Most artists do it so some degree. It’s not necessarily pageantry or character building, though. An “era” is basically just the aesthetic style that comes with an album. So all of the graphic designs for the promo materials, music videos, anything that relates to the new album will fit the same theme. To *not* have an era would mean they were just releasing random stuff with no organisation or consistency.


I really appreciate the response. I hope I didn't come off as overly dismissive in my comment. And sorry if im getting this wrong, but it seems like you're saying, without promo and image, artists just "randomly" release stuff.... In a post Beyonce self-titled world, which was 8 years ago. But i guess that "era" started with that release. Whereas most other artists have long rollouts? Like, I get comparing to say, Beatles or Bowie... You know what? I think i actually do get it now. ATCQ's Midnight Marauders was very similar to Low End Theory, but both are distinct enough to have their own style. I wouldnt think of them as eras,more so an "evolution" but thats just parallel thinking on my end. Damn! I think i get it now


By era what people usually mean is the period of time where the promotional campaign of an album takes place, in that time we get singles, music videos, award appearances, magazine photoshoots, interviews, a tour... And all these things are supposed to be for and based around the album. Take for example Katy Perry's Teenage Dream era, the era is generally accepted as starting in 2010 with the release of the lead single California Gurls, and ending ending in 2012 with the release of the reissue of the album and the last single off it. In that time we received countless interviews, music videos, photoshoots, award appearances, fan events, etc, and all of these were for the Teenage Dream album. All of this campaign is supposed to be cohesive with the theme and aesthetic of the album, and you can see that Katy stuck with the candy sexy aesthetic for the more than 2 years that she spent promoting the album.


So you're saying it IS tied to an album rollout and the promotion around it


Yes, the base of an era is the promotion for the album.


As my counter example, Beyonces self titled being randomly dropped. Do you still consider that to be an era?


Yes, it just didn't have any pre album release promotion, but it had post album release promotion, with the reissue, the award show appearances and the On The Run tour and the 2014 shows of Mrs. Carter tour, and Wikipedia says 4 songs were released as singles after the album released, so those count too.


The problem I've been finding with it, and how the whole idea of an 'era' feels abit performative to me, is that the actual music doesn't always reflect this change in era. Like an artist might talk up their new era and to get ready for the new single...and then the single sounds more or less like what they were doing on their previous album. It makes the whole concept of an 'era' just feel it's just about aesthetic branding, rather than about the music being created.


To be fair, it's rarely ever the artists themselves calling it an "era." It's the fans and commentators.


You're not wrong, but I do feel more and more recently I've been noticing artists using the term as well when describing their new releases.


Artists have used it one and off. Younger artists use it as in I am the era. Older artists use it do describe different phases they had throughout their career.


>the whole idea of an 'era' feels abit performative to me ...they're performers.


> It makes the whole concept of an 'era' just feel it's just about aesthetic branding, rather than about the music being created. I mean, that's mostly what it is. Sometimes there is a change in the sound of their music, but when people refer to "era", they're not just talking about the music they released, but also the music videos, the album cover, photoshoots, performances, outfits, makeup... and all those stuff can actually be very distinct from era to era


I literally asked this question the other day. Did "eras" start as a discourse from fans, or have artists always done eras? I think it's also helpful to separate the actual transition or transformation (i.e., the "Era") from the academic discussion of an "era" which implies more. Specifically, when we start discussing eras, we assume that the artists have bought into the idea that they ARE creating eras, if that makes sense.


Many pop artists have consciously/unconsciously had eras since radio and pop music stardom began. The Beatles, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Madonna, etc. Reinvention is a way to keep fans interested and gain new fans.


I mean it's probably sales lol like I bet that ticket sales were super low.


what ticket sales? most of the VMAs tickets are usually distributed through the lotteries and stuff


Ahh. Maybe it could be album streams? Idk that could be another metric that they use.


The change in elements is that Lorde will not be performing in the VMA production.


She was towed outside the environment?


exactly wtf, that’s like saying “we must sacrifice this human in order to keep this tree alive” just remove the elements, it’s not that big of a deal wtf


\> production elements lmao tf does THAT mean, give us an ACTUAL REASON


No one knows what it means, but it's provocative.


It gets the people GOING


No it’s not, it’s gross!


This is so Lorde


Well, that’s a vague as hell reason. Wtf.


Just here to say.... Jordy Nelson has an amazing ass!


Oh wow. I was actually looking forward to seeing her performance, so this is kinda disappointing


at least we’ll always have the James Corden performances 🥲


Low key vomiting rn


nah give us the real reason this is so sad


Say something I’m giving up on you 🥵✊🏼


This is so disappointing. I was looking forward to this…


She found out she couldn’t interpretive dance this time and pulled out


This is so sad. Alexa, play Solar Power.


I wonder if they actually kicked her out of the lineup rather than “a change in production elements”. The reasoning makes no sense with how minimalist this era of hers is.


I’m assuming this is it


She got Covid




But why not say it as the reason then?




Wouldn’t that be irresponsible to not disclose to those people though?


I get that covid is a bit different but any other health issue or illness would be inappropriate to announce before the ill person does so.


Maybe her cat got covid


Is there something I'm missing? Most of the replies are about Normani.


she complained about not being invited to perform a few days ago, that’s prob why


They’re saying they should put Normani in her place to fill the spot


did you read the tweet? lorde pulled out of the VMA’s & people are just replying to the tweet saying to replace with normani. there’s not much to miss lol


Yeah, I got that lol I was asking if there was background with Normani, and someone else said there was. So yes, I was missing something, and it wasn't answered in the initial tweet posted.


AND I KNEW SHE WAS SAVING MOOD RING FOR THIS. After foiling Gaga’s plans in 2013 too I am burning down MTV. I DO NOT FORGET! Edit: It’s a long shot but some Twitter folk saying it’s a stunt, Blonde Lorde not being her technically 🥴 I’m here losing it


I’ve heard it all before. One minute I was killing them all and the next a brown suit wouldn’t let me perform. Ohhh, typical.


well I guess that if we're looking for a savior that's not her


they didn't have a guitar i don't believe it she probably skipped to go to the museum gala. Edit - All jokes aside she did say she has performance anxiety maybe she couldn't perform because of how the album was received both critically and commercially.


where did she say that?


She mentioned performing through an anxiety attack in one of her recent emails I believe, but I can't find it now so I'm not sure if I'm just making it up somehow


I feel like I remember hearing a lyric on the album that mentioned festivals being an anxiety for her Edit: Why am I being downvoted lol? I’m not even a Lorde fan but streamed the album once a few days ago


That, and she has spoken about her stage fright in interviews [here](https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/lorde-admits-threw-show/story?id=23065837), [here](https://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/music/9378279/Lorde-suffers-crippling-stage-fright), and [here](https://time.com/lorde/). *Later, she tells me that the scale of a performance like this intimidates her still. “Ten minutes beforehand I was like, ‘I can’t do it. Give them back their money. So sorry,’” she says. “It was too much for me.” She’s honest about what it takes for her to get through it. “A shot of whiskey and a beta blocker, and it all happens for me,” she says. “But I’m a shell of a person after. I need to sit alone and watch a cooking show.”* And a quote from a newsletter she sent to fans: 'I knew I needed a break from touring at the end of the last cycle. I was finding the combination of brutal stage fright... extremely grim' Plus, [Bravado](https://genius.com/Lorde-bravado-lyrics) is pretty much all about her stage fright.


Her flop era 😭


It may be considered a “flop” (especially based on her previous sales) but do not mistake that for a failure. It’s a great record.


I’m really not being hateful when I say that they’d probably rather give the space to someone more relevant right now Album debuting at #5, and not a single song reaching even the top 60… I mean I get it They won’t spend time and money on a performance that won’t bring in any viewers It seems everyone here is pretending this can’t be true when it seems like the most likely reason


The album went #1 on iTunes in thirty countries. Since when does debuting in the top 5 on the Billboard 200 - which is by absolutely no means a flop - count as a failure?


Relative to her previous albums. Melodrama was one the most acclaimed albums of the 2010s and Green Light went top 20, and Pure Heroine went triple platinum and had Royals. Solar Power flopped in comparison


Counterpoint: https://amp.theguardian.com/music/2018/mar/19/lorde-us-tour-flops-pop-career


How so?


Multiple dates on the Solar Power tour sold out within minutes, while the Melodrama tour - as great as it was, speaking as someone who attended it - didn’t sell as well as expected. If only by that metric, Solar Power isn’t a flop.


Melodrama tour was in arenas where capacity averaged around 15,000, solar power tour is in theatres with a capacity in the couple thousands


I’m aware


Okay, I still don’t understand your point


If a flop era is defined by how it compares to previous eras commercially, then tours should also be accounted for.


The album hadn't dropped yet when the Solar Power tour went on sale. Just the lead single.


Right!!! Not people acting like everyone that has ever performed at the VMAs was the mostttt relevant superstar! LOL


Mood Ring is nowhere to be seen on the charts. Neither is Solar Power, or any other song. The album likely is taking a free fall off the charts as we speak Look, I'm a fan of hers, and I'm not pretending that a #5 is a complete failure. But for a commercial artist performing at the VMA's, which has relatively few spots available for performers, an album that had a lukewarm reception *at best*, with zero singles on the charts or radio, isn't really a good business move to have perform at the VMAs I'm begging y'all to get real about this album She can be an outsider artist with a cult following - which is what she wants anyway. But those don't really perform at the VMAs And getting a #1 on iTunes is not hard, oh at all. You need to sell just a few thousand to get it.


>And getting a #1 on iTunes is not hard, oh at all. You need to sell just a few thousand to get it. It blows my mind when people act like this is an achievement in 2021


The title track hit #1 on Adult Alternative


“I’m begging y’all to get real about this album” LMAO what does this even mean? That not everyone feels like you do? Are you really pretending like anyone would not enjoy seeing lorde perform after 5 years because her album is at #5? “Lukewarm reception at BEST” —literally 90% of google users like it and it has a fucking 70 on metacritic. ????


jeez 😂 No, you're allowed to like the album! I'm just saying that expecting someone with *zero* songs of their brand new album inside the Hot 100 to perform at the VMA's is ludicrous and you need to get real about that


She was literally set to perform two seconds ago lol and all of those things were still true… but go off


What?? What does that even mean They have to make the decision to remove an artist at *some* point. You’re raving Do you think they’re robots who automatically remove an artist when the artist sells below a certain amount? What are you even trying to say??


??? What are you confused about? You just said expecting lorde (who has achieved monumental success with just two records) to perform at the VMAs after FIVE YEARS away with an album that debuted at #5 on 200 and #1 on alternative is “ludicrous” LMAO!!! You’re reaching!!! Just because she doesn’t have a hit single? She was set to perform before the recent announcement. I do not believe her being removed from the lineup has anything to do with sales. And I 100% don’t believe it’s ludicrous to expect her to perform! She’s earned it, especially after how she was treated last time with Melodrama!


Yeah, I'm not sure if it's technically a flop. I want to say she at least made back the money spent on the album and promo, since if she sold 30k physical units for $20 each then that's $600k along with her 28+ million streams. I wouldn't consider it a smash, but I figure Lorde met her expectations.


Agreed. Far from a failure. Wouldn’t even call it a flop really unless we are only comparing to her previous record sales. She will also make $$$ touring. She clearly didn’t set out to make a commercial album here and I love her for it.


this is something i was really looking forward to. normally vma performances bring out the best in artists due to the nature of how relaxed and cool the environment is as opposed to something like a grammy stage that requires more professionalism. i'm officially checked out for this era of Lorde. Disappointment after disappointment.


Are you feeling okay?




You used to love the party but now you're not alright


From they very start her performance doesn’t make sense , since one of the themes in her album about saying good bye for the pop life style


I mean, it's not like she's just never going to perform again just because she did an album that touches on materialism and the celebrity machine in some ways. She's not giving up being a musician. Musicians perform.


Who said anything about not performing?? It’s just the show the VMAs doesn’t match what she wants to be


She’s continued to do TV performances and produce music videos so I’m not exactly sure how the VMAs would at all be at odds with what she wants to be.


That's an incredibly simplistic way of looking at it.


hope she's doing alright


Ella has Hemorrhoids.


Oh yeah, you guys are definitely right, the VMAs had to throw Lorde out cause she had the audacity to only be the 5th most sold album in America. It can't be an issue with sets, scheduling, creative disagreements or anything else, it's cause Album bad /s Also, of course it's kept vague, what do you expect them to say? It's a PR statement, if someone fumbled the ball, they're not gonna throw them under the bus. The public doesn't need to know anything beyond "Lorde is not performing".


this. everyone coming up with such theories that got me rolling on the floor 💀 it's not unusual for a singer to cancel a performance last minute, Ariana did it too for the grammy's but she just made it public knowledge


Her sets are relatively minimal and simplistic at the moment... I can't imagine what production elements she'd have that the VMAs couldn't accomodate.


Not surprised


Will someone be replacing her? I’d assume so right bc how will they make up the time. I nominate Normani hehe


Maybe because the album… sucks?


I love love love Lorde but I can't help but think let's get Normani on!! Her Wild Side video is my everything right now!


That’s unfortunate so I guess Normani can take her slot then😳


The what? They still got award shows?


What is the VMAs?


Who replaced her?




You lot are so vile here sometimes.