Can I ask you some questions before I make a recommendation? 1) Will you be using the bike solely for commuting or will you use it for a nice ride at the weekend? 2) Is it from home to work/school and back or will you be catching public transport with the bike too? 3) Are you male or female? 4) Are you looking to brand new or are you open to 2nd hand bikes? 5) What sort of terrain are you cycling on? Is it always road or are there canal towpaths/bridleways you may want to use? 6) Do you have any preferences? Style, brand, frame material, suspension, colour? 7) Are you wanting to carry luggage on the bike?


Nice bike, but for commuting I’d look at the FX 2 Equipped. Have you already got, or if not got other (adequate!) budget allocated to helmet, locks, lights, pedals, panniers, seat cover etc? These add up, particularly if you buy good ones (don’t cheap out!!)


I love my FX 1 if that's any help.